Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Open Letters

To all those Dubbo residents who complained about the traffic diversions in November -

Well dont your complaints seem petty now? Boo hoo, so it took you an hour to get across our one remaining bridge to get home after work ( instead of the normal 10 minutes ) - hundreds of thousands of people are now effecting by flooding in Qld, and 72 people are missing in and around Toowoomba, assumed swept away by a wall of water likened to an inland tsunami. I hope you're looking back retrospectively and feeling ashamed of yourselves. Next time, man up and be glad you still have your homes and loved ones - who cares how long you have to spend in your car to get to them?

Someone with real perspective.

To Lori and her babies,
My heartfelt sympathies to you. It seems odd to be so moved by the plight of someone whom i've never actually met in real life but never-the-less feel I know - but what i do know about you, Lori, is that you are made from strong stuff, and i trust that you will use this strength to drag yourself through the pain and muck and absolute shittiness of grief. You will no doubt find a way to smile, sometimes, and will find a way to keep your beautiful babies smiling too. I have said it elsewhere already, but when you collapse, my wish is that the wave of support behind you lifts you up again.

With love,
Just one part of your bloggy wave of hope.

To my darling Mick,
Stress less dude - i dont mind making my own birthday cake. I love you down to my bones, and i know that you'll make me an awesome birthday dinner, but i also know you arent exactly a cake master. Its cute that you have decided that seeing as you arent much of a baker that we should " make the cake together " and i am totally willing to let you help, even if "help" amounts to you hanging out in the kitchen with me and taking turns stirring. As far as i see it, making my own birthday cake means i get to choose what kind i want, whether it be plain old chocolate mud or that decadent looking raspberry and coconut layer cake recipe i've been wanting to try for a while. Its a win-win!

Love ya guts,
The (almost ) birthday girl.

To the weather,
Hold steady man! I really, really want to go to the zoo for my birthday so if you could just promise not to a) be too stinking hot or b) pour with rain well... that would be ace. I'd like abit of sunshine and warmth, just not enough to fry myself and my boys on the way around the zoo track. I plan on walking ( gotta lose those birthday cake calories somehow! ) so if you could just grant me this one request i promise i wont complain ( much ) when you royally screw up my winter by being freezing cold and soggy.

Thanks in advance,
A sun seeking, zoo trekking, birthday mama.


  1. I'm making my own birthday cake too next month, are we awesomely gracious or what? x

  2. I always make my own birthday cake. It's that, or not have one. And I don't mind either - is nice that he wants to 'help' you. Good luck with the weather!

  3. I like this post. A great idea and well executed. Love, love to Lori. Happy cake making to you. And fingers crossed for the weather x

  4. Hope you have a fabulous Birthday!
    What a lovely message to Lori.