Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today I Ate A Danish.....

... and it tasted good. But i felt bad. Guilty even. All i wanted was a little treat, a little Portuguese tart maybe, but they didnt have any so danish was the next best thing. But as soon as that last bite was in my mouth, i regretted having taken the first one. Why? 'Cause it had CARBS, and lots of CALORIES and it was HIGH GI. Oh. My.God. Smack my bottom, i've been a naughty girl.

In reality, i know that one danish in the scheme of things is not going to hurt me. I also know that i havent done the amount of exercise i promised myself i was going to start doing ( through various factors, but mostly because i keep chickening out. Finding an excuse. What am i afraid of? ) So when i get on those scales on Saturday morning and i have a smaller loss ( or, Gawd forbid, a gain! ) than i was hoping for, i'm going to curse that bloody danish. I'm going to blame its buttery pastery goodness, its sweet apple centre. Then i'm going to blame myself for eating it, and not exercising enough.

And then, just maybe, i might suck it up and stop making excuses. No more " aww, its too late now, i have to cook your dinner ". No more " aww, i cant go before work - i'd have to get up earlier and what if Flynn wakes up before i'm back? ". No more " I'm just too tired ". Suck it up, chest out, chin up and


  1. That Danish looks like it was worth it ;)

  2. yum danishes. they are my downfall too - I avoid the bakery altogether! (from fat to fit blog hop)

  3. I love a good Danish. My stomach is grumbling just looking at it.

    Seems we've all had a crap week ...

  4. I know that exact feeling...there is always another excuse not to exercise. I always have good intentions but struggle to follow through. I hope you find the motivation to suck it up and get it done. When you find it, can you let me know! Lol!

  5. Danishes are pure least you stopped at one. There is always next week and a loss is a loss :)
    Btw Flynn is sooo adorable, especially in that photo in the previous post, and looking so grown up xx

  6. Don't get too down chick its just one danish. xx