Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Polly Dolly - She's Got Legs...In Tights

Ah, i'm so happy the wonderful Dani from Danimezza got the Polly Dolly challenge out on time this weeek - i dont know how i would have suffered through last weeks withdrawals all over again! This week Dani has been lucky enough to have been attending Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and, inspired by the catwalks, wants to know how our Polly would wear...
She's Got Legs ... In Tights

Now, allow me a disclaimer here - I am not the biggest fan of tights. I have previously declared war on jeggings, which are the ban of my existence. However, seeing as I am not my Polly Dolly - she is far taller, thinner and more glamorous than me! - i have ignored that the fact that usually i would trumpet " Tights are not pants! ". Also - tunics are long enough to cover my Pollys bum, and thats my main thing against girls in tights ( i dont wana see your bottom ladies! ). With that said...
I found this cute H&M tunic, which is more like an over-sized shirt than it is the more kaftan-style tunics. I really got a cute, aristocratic, polo-set type feel from it .... it felt like something Kate Middleton or Zara Phillips would wear. I paired it with grey tights and some great, brown leather accessories( including a wider belt ), a soft knit slouch beanie/beret and some easy neutral make-up to keep the look classic and polished. Now all thats left for Polly to decide is - lunch with the ladies or off to the polo?


  1. Ahh Great minds think a like.
    Those shoes & that watch I love heaps.x

  2. Ladies for sure. Smoking outfit.

  3. LOVE those shoes and that bag. Great set. And your disclaimer re: leggings and jeggings. HA. Love that too.

  4. haha jeggings and leggings!
    loving the watch & the bag..great set =]

  5. Gorgeous! I'm so with you, no one want to see bums!! lol :)