Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Days of Music - Days 27 + 28

Well, well.... we're getting towards the end of the ( extraordinarily stretched out ) 30 Days of Music challenge. Only four days or, in my case, two posts to go!
Day 27 - What song would you like played at your wedding/union?
So unless you are really new around these parts, you would be aware that i am getting married very soon ( 5 months tomorrow in fact! ) so i'm currently in the process of choosing the songs for the wedding: one to walk down the aisle to, one to play when the ceremony is over, and one for the first dance. In lieu of giving away the songs that i may or not have settled on and may or may not want to keep secret, here's a song that i'm considering but i dont think will end up making the cut:
The song is called " Just Because " by Nikka Costa - she's an Australian born jazz/neo soul/funk kind of singer and this is one of my all-time favourite romantic songs ( try to listen to the lyrics and ignore the Gary Oldman tribute. Apparently the song doesnt have a dedicated film clip... ). I'd love to walk down the aisle to it, or have it for a our first dance, but i think its important that those songs resonate with both myself AND Mick, and not just me. Seeing as he doesnt really know this song, and has only ever heard the one time i made him listen to it, i dont think " Just Because " is the right fit for both of us so its gonna have to miss out. Otherwise it would be a beautiful wedding song!

Day 28 - What song would you like played at your funeral?
There are two songs which i'd like played at my funeral ( and yes, even at a tender 27 years of age i've thought about it ) but of those two i think this one is more " me ":
" It Wont Rain All The Time " by Jane Siberry, from the soundtrack to " The Crow " ( which may just be my favourite movie of all time ). If there is anything such as a "perfect " funeral song, this is it for me. Poignant, yet uplifting. Hopefully, though, it wont need to be used in tha capacity for many, many years to come...

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