Monday, June 13, 2011

A ( Long ) Weekend By The Numbers

Its been a while since i've done a Weekend By The Numbers post ( the last one was in October of last year! ) and, seeing as i'm not inspired by todays #Trust30 prompt, i've decided to skip it and do a weekend run down instead....

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1 - date gone on with Mick. Oh yea, we left Flynn in the very capable ( and loving ) hands of my parents so we could go to the movies together.

3 - movies watched this weekend. " Pirates 4 " at the movies with Mick, " Shrek Forever After " at home with the boys and " Black Swan " at home by myself. Can i just say - Nina from "Black Swan "? Total nutcase...

140 - dollars spent on two suits and two ties for Mick and his best man for our wedding. They were business suits marked down from $200 at Lowes - oh yea, we are awesome savvy shoppers!

10 - blissful hours of sleep on Saturday night, when i had the night to myself. Mick had gone away to his brothers for the night, and i asked my parents if Flynn could have a sleep over so i could have sometime to myself... and they said " of course! " so i gotta to sit home Saturday night, watch " Sister Act2 ", Twitter, blog, read some of my book ( " Deliverance From Evil " by Frances Hill ) and eat icecream....all whilst being uninterrupted!

7 - hours spent in the Emergency ward early Monday morning with Flynn ( and his teddy bear, Bruce ). He'd come down with croup (again - this is the 3rd time in about 9 months ) so i had him in bed with me so i could monitor his breathing. He'd had the cough before, but never the horrible, wheezing stridor. At 1:30am he sat up, crying, trying to get in air but all you could was the squeak as the air struggled to get down into his lungs, and he was twitching his limbs and hot all over. I hastily put on my slippers, warm dressing gown ( and, strangely, my bra... ) and took him straight to the hospital. They put him on some nebulised adrenalin to open the airways, and then gave him a shot of steroids to help keep them open. 4 more hours of monitoring ( and trying to sleep on a narrow ER bed... not.comfy. Jan ) and we were allowed to go home... and, thankfully, he was much better last night. ( Oh, and in case you were concerned, Bruce the teddy has hit ears and his heart checked and he is ok aswell ).

25 - dollars my Mum spent on a pair of boots for me, just 'cause she wanted to by me a present. You have to love the specials at Rivers - boots that were originally $80 for $25? yes please! And oh - thank you Mum!

50 - approximate number of times Flynn has said " Luff you Mummy! " this weekend. Some when i dropped him at Poppy's for his sleepover; some at the hospital when he was all upset, cuddled up on my lap; and a whole bunch yesterday afternoon when he had his strength back a bit, running around the loungeroom like a man man. Gotta love those 3 little words....


  1. Lowes sells suits?? must be a different Lowes..the lowes here is like Home Depot.

  2. Ha ha... yes Holly, having lived in the US, i can tell you for sure that our Lowes and your Lowes are too very different places! Our Lowes is more like... maybe an Old Navy, but mostly for boys and men ( some stores do stock a narrow range of womens casuals ). So no hardware or gardening, just clothes!

  3. love nights to and again it's just nice to pig out, watch tv, blog etc :)

  4. Sounds like a pretty damn fab weekend ... except for Flynn being sick, I hope the poor little tacker is feeling better soon xx

  5. Glad to hear Flynn is feeling better. What a weekend - a night at home without the baby is such a suprising treat - I did that about 6 months ago and I swear I heard her at least a dozen times, it was so strange not having her there at home, completely different to just being out and about without the baby.

  6. Like = that you got the night to yourself, awesome

    Don't like = Croup, we have done that made dash to the hospital on too many occasions, its not fun.

  7. Apart from Flynn being poorly that sounds like a great weekend! And a night to yourself? Completely alone? Wow, slightly jealous :-D

  8. Croup is AWFUL. I hate it. Ethan and Claire are the only ones who have had problems with it. However, when Ethan got it, it was bad. We were almost always in the hospital when he got it. Thankfully, Claire has never had it so bad. A quick steam in the bathroom with the shower on and she's better.

    Once Ethan had to get an IV and was really upset about it. He happened to have his favorite bear with him, so the doctor gave it the same color bandage as Ethan got (bright pink) on the same arm (right). Ethan thought that was the best thing ever and it calmed him right down.