Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Premature Angel

This one is short and sweet, and goes out to a beautiful family who lost their little man today. KM, another mum from my mothers group, gave birth to a gorgeous little man on the 27.7.11, 4 months premature. Today, despite fighting with every little fibre in his tiny body, baby Brody slipped quietly away to join all the other babies, taken too soon.
May he sleep peacefully where he is now, and know that we keep him in our hearts for ever.
B.J.R 27.07.11 - 7.09.11


  1. Oh how sad. RIP little man. My love to his family xxx

  2. I hope his family gets the support they need now and well into the future.

    Such heartache, even when I don't know them.

  3. That is so sad :( My love and thoughts go out to the family and you xx

  4. :( Much love and light to B's family x

  5. My wee brother Mark will look after Brody. I have been thinking about him a lot since his birthday was two days ago. I hope they are all haoppy up there. xxx