Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(Un)Guessing Game

Please, play along at home, guessing from these images:

Give up? ( Or read my Facebook already and know the answer ) ?

The answer is: i got called in by my radiology place yesterday, asking if i'd like to fill a cancellation and after a good half hour of playing around with the 4d scanning system, jiggling, shaking and very gently threatening to ground my child for life, we finally got a a nice, clear, undeniable shot of our

Yes ladies and gentleman, after much effort - and a much nicer, happier, more satisfying experience than last week - we managed to get a good flash of Little Jelly's personal bits. We had tried on and off for half an hour: the first attempt bubby had its legs crossed, so we checked out the brain and face; the second time the umbilical cord was quite clearly in the way, so we did the limbs; the third time the hands that had previously been up in front of the face had migrated to the privates, so we got some nice clear shots of the heart. At the end of half an hour we got half a flash of something, enough for the sonographer and tech installing the 4d to both go " Is that what you thought? Looked like... ? Hmm... ". At this point the lovely sonographer suggested i go empty out my bladder and maybe give my belly a shake... so i went to the bathroom and i shook my money maker for all it was worth!

Went back in, lie back down and straight away - ta da! Full exposure! Both sonographers sort of did this nod thing, went " Yep, it is ", froze the pic on the screen and pointed out the " ...very definate lack of a " thing " - that ones a girl ... ". I dont think you could have wiped the smile from my face if you'd tried! It was fantastic to be able to find out the gender, and a double positive because Mick had admitted he wanted a girl, and Flynn would say " its a sissssster! " 9 times out of 10 when asked. So now we're all looking forwarded welcoming a little more oestrogen, and a whole lot more pink, to our house come mid-late August!


  1. A woohoo!!! Congratulations on a much happier experience! I'm sure your little girl will be oh so sweet and is so lucky to be getting you guys for a family!

  2. Such happy news Amy. I really am so pleased for you.

  3. Naw, great news to be having a little girl :)


    Talitha xx

  4. Congratulations! Great news :-D

  5. Congrats on your baby girl! So exciting. Better start stocking up on the bows and tutus!

  6. Huge congratulations :-D How exciting for you all!

  7. Ooh, how exciting, a baby girl!! And it is great that it was so definate too. In relation to your last post - I didn't find out what I was having with Ida, but always thought I would second time around, but the excitment of finding out on delivery was too much for me, and I want that same delight 2nd (and 3rd) time around. Mind you Anthony was VERY tempted to find out this time, but I think he managed to contain himself (and if he didn't he is doing a darn good job at concealing it!)