Thursday, May 17, 2012

BabyMoon Rising....


I know that regular transmission hasnt exactly resumed around here yet, but i just thought i'd let you know i wont be posting tomorrow afternoon..... because we're off on our babymoon!

Because Mick and I are now running our own business, and the only truck driver that we have is Mick himself, its pretty much impossible for him to take annual leave. ( Except at Christmas - we'll shut down between Christmas Eve and New Year, as is traditional in our industry ). Long story short i thought because we cant take extended periods of leave, we need to take any opportunity we can to just get out of town and do something.... even if we have to create those opportunities ourselves. So i did a bit of internet surfing, and decided that this weekend would be a great weekend to take ourselves - minus Flynn - off for a quick weekend getaway!

We're roadtripping it down to Sydney tomorrow evening after work ( which means a 5 hr drive in the dark - we'll probably get there sometime around 10pm ... ). Saturday morning we'll head to Homebush for the Baby and Toddler Expo which, although we dont really intend to purchase anything major, i'm kind of secretly excited about having a stickybeak at. Then its a train ride into the city in the afternoon because i've booked a tour on the back of a Harley Davidson trike for the two of us. I'm actually really looking forward to it and have been assured that yes, they will have motorcycle jackets to fit over my expanding baby bump! I wanted to find an activity that was more for Mick, but that we could enjoy together, so i'm hoping he loves it. Its a one hour ride from The Rocks, through the city , out to Bondi and back again.

Of course, we'll take the opportunity to go out for a nice dinner ( though no drinks for me of course ) and Sunday morning we'll do a quick tour of the shops and have a late breakfast with Micks aunt and uncle before we roadtrip it back to DubVegas. So its not a long break by any means, but it will be enough to get me by until #1) Miss Jelly makes her arrival sometime in August and #2) until we can get away somewhere around the Christmas break with a by-then 3yr old Flynn (!) and a roughly 4 mth old baby girl!


  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend away. Id love to think DD and I could get away but sadly I don't think it is going to happen.
    Where are you planning to go for dinner? Can't wait to read all about your weekend away.

  2. Lucky! We never did a Babymoon. We should have. It sounds like a great way to refresh yourself mid baby baking. Have a great trip!