Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Imagine It

One thing i really love about Flynn now that he is growing up is his growing imagination. He's 2 and 4 mths now, and it seems like everyday he's expanding the way he plays by imagining bigger and better things.


One day we were eating dinner and he had his sipper cup and his fork, waving them around above his head - or, according to him " Mum - they flying up in space! ". The next week he was making wriggly movements with his forefinger and introducing himself as " Mr Worm " or " Mr Snake " ( which would always get a giggle from him when i mock screamed at the snake in my house ). The past week though its been all about firemen. Every truck he owns is a " fire truck " and Fireman Flynn and Fireman Daddy and Fireman Pop have been out to numerous rescues to "make people safe ". I dont miss out either... sometimes i'm just back at the fire station, or on a good day i get to be Ambulance Lady Mummy. ( Mind you, every fireman or paramedic he has is a block from his Megablocks set - he doesnt own any action figures yet so he's even using his imagination to humanise a block! )

love indulging his little fantasies - i'm quite happy to be a red Duplo block paramedic, or to lace my thumbs together to turn into Mrs Butterfly. I love to ask him questions and giggle at his imagined scenarios: " Did Fireman Daddy to go a rescue? " once got a " No Mum - he getting a sam-widge for his lunch ". I cant wait to see what else he comes up with as he gets older, and whether a big imagination translates into a love of creative writing like it did with me.

Me? I always played " boyfriend/girlfriend " with my Barbie dolls, or took my Cabbage Patch dolls on trips to the beach. I dreamed about being an paedatrician when i grew up ( until i realised i'm not overly fond of either copious amounts of blood, or of study ) and imagined myself travelling the world. Even at 27 years old, i think theres plenty of imagination left in this old girl yet!

How about you? Were you a head-in-the-clouds imaginative type of kid?


  1. I was a head in a book kind of kid, more a dreamer than anything, and every day I work towards those dreams, whether they be holidays, a new house, and anything else on the list at the time. (at the moment the worlds perfect baby which grows into the worlds perfect child???!!!!)

  2. All the games we used to play were make-believe and ore often than not we played schools or offices. For some reason we used to think working in an office was so cool! Lol!

    We would also play 'tv shows' where we would be our favourite tv characters and then make up entire games using those characters. They didn't all have to be from the same tv shows either. My favourite character to 'play' was T-bag from a show on ABC about this girl who had to collect things before T-bag and T-shirt could get to them. We were strange kids.

    I also loved to just sit in my room and read for hours, I was a big book kid.

  3. I spent a good amount of my childhood reading books and imagining the scenes in the books in my head. I was never much for toys. But, I get to watch the imagination take place now because all three of my small ones LOVE toys. And we have way too many toys to prove it.