Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Heavy Glass

  • I read something yesterday that really struck a cord with me - that our problems are like a glass of water. That is, a single glass of water may not weigh all that much, but the longer we hold onto it the heavier it will appear to become. If we only hold it for a minute, it wont trouble us much. Hold onto it for an hour, our wrists may start to ache a little. Hold that glass of water up for a whole day and our whole arm will begin to fatigue. So it is with our problems - if we think on them only for a minute and then let them go, they dont trouble us too badly.... but spend the entire day holding onto them, pondering and wondering and fussing over them, and they will begin to seem very heavy indeed.

    I HAVE to learn to let things ago. I've always been one to think too long on things, to twist them and turn them, exploring every possible avenue and outcome, until they start to weigh too heavily on me. Thats whats been happening the last fortnight or so - i've taken an idea and run with it, and the more i mull it over, the more scenarios seem to occur to me. Like everything, it has its potential positive and negative outcomes, but of course i can only seem to focus on the worst. Its giving me headaches, heart pains and many nights of fitful sleep. ( Nevermind that Tully is teething and i havent been getting much sleep anyway ).

    So .... i have to learn to let things go. To pay them some attention, just for a minute, and then move on until they actually NEED the attention again. If i cant learn to control my over-active mind, my physical health will suffer. I know that sounds dramatic, but its the truth.

    Who knew that wanting the best for your family, and wanting it so badly, could be so bad for you?

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  1. I read that same thing and it really resonated with me too, it was so true and such a great way to describe it. I know how you feel, I tend to do the same thing and I just get to a point where I have to throw my hands up and let it go, because I have to believe what will be will be and that everything will work out the way its supposed to in the end, even if it doesn't feel like it ever will.