Saturday, June 8, 2013

Old Mc-Tully

Just a quick one for today because its waaaaay cute and I feel the need to for people to see it. I have already posted it to my personal Facebook page not if you didn't see it there here is a short video of Tully singing ' Old McDonald Had A Farm ' , ably accompanied by her Pop, as filmed by her aunt, and featuring a last minute cameo from Flynn towards the end. Turn your volume all the way up and enjoy!


  1. I did see this on Facebook, very cute Tully!

  2. Oh, it doesn't work on my phone. Ill have to try on the laptop if I ever get it back from Dave (he is frantically trying to finish a tafe assignment. At the last minute. As usual!).

  3. Just watched it on the laptop and that is TOO cute! I love it!