Thursday, June 6, 2013

And Then Life Got In The Way

Crazy, messy, stressful life. I haven't posted in a fortnight because all those daily happenings have felt somehow magnified into huge obstacles, big stresses that have been getting me down and keeping me busy.

When I have had a free minute I've been choosing ' Game of Thrones ' over the blog ( surely you can forgive me that ), or watching a little TV or torturing myself running hypothetical numbers through online calculators, and fretting over possibly having to live with my parents FOREVER.

In short..... I've been very much preoccupied. It won't happen again. Promise!


  1. It happens. Hope all is ok.

  2. Don't worry about it mate, I know that feeling too well and sometimes it's just so much easier to sit in front of the TV and forget your own reality for a while. And there ain't nothing wrong with that!