Friday, June 21, 2013

What A Week!

Don't you just love when things ( finally ) come together? In the space of a week we have a) sold the large truck we have been using in our courier business for the past 18 months; b) bought a smaller truck ( we'll be travelling 4.5hrs to take delivery of it tomorrow ) that will be more suitable for us and save money in the process and c) accepted an offer on our duplex. Though I'm trying not to get too excited until the contracts are signed and there is money in my bank account....can I just say STRESSES BE GONE!

The only down side is that Miss Tully has picked up a little cold, is all snuffly and snotty and not quite herself. Though, even with that, I have been privy to some wonderful ' I'm sick and I just want my mummy ' snuggles and I have to confess I've loved it. Ooh, ooh....and Tully is finally crawling, though not in the traditional sense. She moves her hands in the 'proper' manner but she gets up on one knee and just drags the other. Even so, after only about 10 days of confidently moving about, she's starting to get quick! No more leaving things on the floor anymore because nothing is safe.... Which Flynn learned when Tully tore up 'his' very special Myers toy catalogue. Oh, the devastation....

And so tomorrow we road trip to Wagga to collect the new truck, and next week its all about waiting for contracts to be signed. Things are looking up people, things are finally looking up!


  1. Yay for things looking up! S glad you got on an offer on the duplex, that must be a relief. I hope it all works out.

    And yay for Tully, that is awesome! Can't believe how fast she is growing up, it's insane!