Monday, June 24, 2013

All Wired Up!

  • I'm just throwing this out there but has anyone seen the episode of " The Big Bang Theory " where Sheldon drinks heaps of coffee and ends up running around the apartment, high as a kite on the caffeine, thinking his Flash Gordon? Yes? Well my friends - that was me on the weekend, all hopped on caffeine so i could drive the return leg of a long roadtrip and stay awake at the wheel. I dont normally drink caffeine ( yes, you read that right, this here lady does NOT drink coffee ) so the mega can of Mother energy drink my husband bought me worked a treat!

    Long story short, we had to drive roughloy 4.5 hrs down to Wagga Wagga to pick up our new truck. Obviously, we travelled together on the way down, then Mick drove his truck home, leaving me to man the ship ( as it were ) in our car. Its not that i havent driven long trips before - i used to do it all the time in my early 20's, visiting friends who had left town - but since becoming all domesticated and having my husband do all the driving on roadtrips i've become accustomed to snoozing away in the passenger seat. That just wasnt an option this time, so a big can of caffeinated, guaran-ed energy drink and a refreshed IPod playlist and i was raring to go.

    So raring to go in fact that my husband wondered what was wrong with me. I think he may have been able to see me in his rear vision mirror, going full rock star kareoke style behind him in the car, all loopy on energy drink and pretending to be auditioning for The Voice. Which, mind you, i would totally have made it on because i am an awesome roadtrip kareoke singer.

    And, for the record, i would definately be Team Ricky ( swoon ).

    Tell me i'm not the only one - roadtripping solo is the BEST place for your best rockstar impression.... right?

    IBOT time again over at EssentiallyJess .... Come join us!


  1. Ha, what ever works I guess. I actually prefer silence. crazy I know, but I have so much noise at home with three children and usually in the car with them too, that music can often become just another noise. I like to think about stuff.

  2. I am a total Rock Goddess in the car! I sing, dance, play air guitar at the traffic lights and play the steering wheel drums. I am a veritable one-woman show when I'm driving. My kinds used to worry what other drivers would think, now they just join in!

  3. Hmm, those drinks scare me! I've yet to have one. I drink coffee but it does nothing to keep me awake. I'm terrified if I have one of those mother drinks I won't sleep for days. But other than that, yes totally agree road tripping solo is the BEST place for rock star karaoke! -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  4. This is one of my most favourite EPs EVER! I don't do those drinks anymore but I used to!! Now I stick to Ice Break or coffee! Today I made a meme with A Big Bang Theory boy - best show ever! Em

  5. I'm with you re snoozing in the car - I do it all the time - even on a Saturday morning driving 20 mins down to Southport !!!
    I don't drink coffee or those energy drinks - not sure what I would have. Years ago when A was in hospital in Brisbane, I would leave there at about 1am armed with a 600ml coke and giant crunchie to keep me going until I got home - needless to say my weight didn't like it too much - especially as he was there for nearly a month !!!!!
    I sing heaps when I am in the car by myself - actually that is the only time I sing but man, if anyone could hear me, they'd be signing me up for a record deal quick smart .......not !
    Have the best day !
    PS - I have been known to micronap while driving which is bloody scary !!!

  6. Oh absolutely! My fave place to rock it out is behind the wheel, especially on a long road trip! And I can totally relate to your hopped up-ness, I have done that once or twice and it makes the drive so much more fun when you're buzzing. Until you need to pee that is!