Friday, October 12, 2007

As promised my luvvies

Alright, here it is - the first actual post in the new blog. Not that i have anything specifically interesting to talk about, but i suppose i should probably fill certain people in about what i've been up to in th epast five weeks.

Firstly - my internet carcked it. Yes, for the lack of a better term, my internet connection died in the arse, and it wasnt coming back. I had very good intentions of having it fixed within a few days however i cam down with some dread lurgy and that blew all my good intentions out of the water. I'm still in the dark as to what exactly what was wrong with me ( i did have some blood tests done but never went back to get the results.... ) but suffice to say it was some kind of nasty virus that kept me away from work for a week. I went four days without eating a full meal ( hey, i lost three kilos in that time period.... yay for illness ! ) and i swear Monday, September 3rd was the sickest i have ever felt in my life ( not including self-inflicted, alcohol fueled sickness.... ). I would have been quite content to curl up on my lounge and die. I did however pull myself together and manage to go to the doctor twice in order to get better. Which i did. Crisis over.

So that was the first week of my disappearance. The second week i went down to Sydney for the very last of my tutorials for my Optical Dispensing course. Do you know how great it feels to get that monkey off my back ? The tutorials i mean - i still have three exams to go before i'm fully qualified - so that monkey is still holding on by his curly tail, but it was really good to have all my practicals off my plate and know that i was that much closer to being completely finished.

Which brings me to the weekend of the 14th - how about i move houses ? Yea, its not like i havent been busy enough, what with vomiting for a week, and driving a return trip to Sydney and spending a good portion of time looking down a focimeter.... i decided to move houses too. Not that it was a major hassle, i was only moving from one side of town to the other, from one duplex to a new one, but i hadnt really packed anything due to the fact i had been dying a slow death and then galavanting around the countryside to my tutorial. Not to worry - the move went well ( ok, i still have a few lingering boxes in my garage, begging to be unpacked... i'm choosing to ignore them ) but the Saturday evening, in the middle of the move, i was off to the 2007 Rhino's Rugby Presentation Dinner. Not quite as fancy as it sounds - it was basically one the local rugby clubs having its end of year function, players, players partners and loyal supporters in fancy clothes - but it was one hell of a good night. What i remember of it anyway.... seriously, that is the drunkest i have been.... EVER. Those rugby-type people are really bad influences - i let one of my friends draw a smiley face on my back in black marker, i let a red-haired, rugby-playing police officer lick my face, i had random conversations with happily married and engaged men ( who promised they werent hitting on me, drunk girl that i was ... ) and i seem to have lost the hour between 2am and 3 am. I'm pretty sure i spent a good portion of it on the floor of the pub bathroom, because last i remember it was around 1.30am, i'm dancing with my friend Shane... and the enext thing i know i'm sitting on the floor in a bathroom stall with a bar staff member telling everyone it was closing time, everyone get out. And i only know it was 3am because thats when the bar shuts so.... yep, lets not speak of it anymore shall we ? Except to say Sunday saw me with the worst hangover in Amy history, the details of which i shall not go into. Just think back and remember your worst hangover EVER - they're all pretty much the same, so go with that.

Umm.... and the following three weeks ? Work, work, and more work, punctuated with a few study days, Saturday nights at the pub, and a roadtrip this past weekend to a small town called Moree. Was a good little weekend away - Moree is sort of known for being a " rough " town but hell, we were from Dubbo, like we care; and secondly, we had a local in tow, so we got stared at quite a bit but never confronted.Had a really good evening with our local host at a place called The Post Office Hotel - but all nights where your drinks are being bought for you are good arent they ? It is also amusing to be the object of curiousity - our host, who happens to be an attractive, single, male in his 20's, admitted to be pulled up on three seperate occasions and asked which one of us ladies he was sleeping with. Classy, men of Moree, very classy indeed.

And that be it. Thats the general gist of the five weeks i have been missing from my regular websites, chat rooms, forums and MSN buddies. Whom i missed desperately, might i add. And now? Its totally bedtime ... i just treated my immediate family to dinner at a local resturant and i am completely stuffed and ready for sleep. Sweet dreams, my pretties.....

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