Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am so NOT old...

Not that i ever thought i was... but it seems like everyone else thinks i'm getting on a bit. Which i resolutely am not. At all.

Yes, i know it sounds like i'm trying to convince myself of the fact that i'm not old, but its just that i've been pondering at what age one BECOMES old, and surely its not 23? I mean what state is the world in if i'm old ? I plan on living to at least 100 years old for God's sake.... and its definately a do-able ambition. I mean, if we go off episodes of " Futurama " surely i could even be a cryogenically frozen, re-heated talking head if i wanted to .....

What has any of this got to do with, well, anything you ask ? WEll, i had dinner with an old high school friend last night, a Finnish girl ( yes, a girl from Finland ) who was an exchange student when i was in Year 12, and the more we reminisced, gossiped about who went where and who did what with who, the more it seems like Year 12 was a long, long time ago.However, i have come to the conclusion that this seems so not necessarily because i'm old, but because i'm a changed woman.... it seems like a lifetime ago because it kinda is.

But over and above that old chestnut ( readers of my previous blog will know what i'm talking about - everyone else stay tuned for further explanation at another date... ) is the fact that i seem to have a completely different mindset to most of my friends when it comes to age. We're sitting there talking last night and my exchange student friend, and my otehr high school friend we were with are both moaning about how old we're getting, and the fact that everyone else seems to be getting married, or at least partnered up. Firstly - I AM NOT OLD. Even when i am sixty, i will not be old. I firmly believe you are only as young as you feel, and therefore as young as you act. I dont wana be 15 forever, but i dont wana prematurely wrinkle up and die either. Secondly - I AM NOT OLD. Sure, if Prince Charming finds me tomorrow, sweeps me off my feet and asks me to marry him then woo hoo! If not, please refer to the fact that i am not wrinkling up and dying anytime soon and therefore have plenty f time to live it up, party ( ok, maybe on the odd occasion, sleep with ) the wrong people, or the Not Right, But So Good Right Now People, and eventually everything will into place.

Right ?