Thursday, October 25, 2007

How bout you go screw yourself ?

This post is basically a bit of a gripe.... i just dont get why people have to be rude. And by rude i mean disrespectful and arrogant. For lack of a better, more refined term, it really pisses me off.
It really, really annoys me when its in a professional environment. I work in retail ( basically ) but i'm not talking about clients or customers ( or can refer to my old blog for a relevant post on that subject ). No, i'm talking about other people who i had assumed to be professionals. Evidently i was wrong.
See, i had sent a pair of spectacles back to a manufacturer for warranty. I wont delve into the full story, but basically a customer had come to me to have lenses fitted into a frame she had bought elsewhere - on holidays, in an outlet whose name she couldnt recall - and it broke whilst in my shop awaiting fitting. The brekage was clearly a warranty problem and although it wasnt my original stock, i owe to my customer to get her a new one. So i ring this company and explain the situation, how it was not bought from me and the customer could not return to the original place of purchase A) because it was in another state and B) because she couldnt remember the name of the shop. Long story short, they sent me a new frame and i sent the old broken one back for credit.
Now, i get a call on Tuesday from one the sales girls at this company telling me i wouldnt get credit on this frame, despite what i had explained on the phone first time around. I say to her that i'm a little busy but i would like to speak to someone about the situation - can i call them back? Yep, fine , no worries. Now this phone call was at 4:30pm, and my store closes at 5pm.
Wednesday morning i get a very kurt letter in the mail from this companies director, saying not only will i not be getting credit, but i " had no right nor authority " to undertake any warranty jobs on behalf of my customer. WTF ? If your frame breaks through no fault of the customer, you legally have to replace it.
Anyhoo, the letter did it for me. Not only was it kurt and vaguely rude, but it said that i needed written authority to undertake warranty repairs if i was not an authorised stockist of their frames. So i ring back, like i said i would and who do i get to speak to ? The managing director. You would think that someone of such high standing in a company would have some manners towards people who are potential customers but no.... rude, arrogant, prick. Basically, this guy ( i'm not going to use the word gentleman ) refused to listen to anything i had to say and tried to shout me down. If there is one thing i can not stand, its condescension - i am not stupid, i am not deaf, and i am not yours to trample on just because i am a woman. DO NOT TALK DOWN TO ME.

It will only serve tomake me angry, have me hang up in your ear and rubbish your company to everyone i can think of. None of which you really want.


  1. Yes, how bout you go screw myself?

    or would it be better as how bout i go screw yourself?

  2. ah, young Tedwar, how nice of you to come! good to see you listen when i ask you to do things....

  3. i like how you worded that response.. oh the plethora of hidden statements in that one set of statements.. tryin to hide that the answer was "how bout i go screw yourself" i assume?

  4. I am here. Have been reading, promise. Just a lil busy at work.

    Luff you still!