Friday, October 19, 2007

Do i talk shit or what ?

Its 9:44pm on Friday night, which officially makes it the weekend right ? I bloody hope so because i am looking to kick back and relax. Its not that i've had a bad week, or even a bad day - just an odd day, a good day punctuated with small frusturations and curiosities. Therefore, i have decided to make a list, by no means comprehensive, of things that cropped up in my over-active mind today.

1. Why do my male clientele choose boring glasses ?
Ok, not exactly a life threatening issue but bear with me hear. For those who dont know i am an optical dispenser, which basically means I set people up with new spectacles. It sounds kind of easy but its not just selling them a frame - i need to know the theories of light and how it refracts through given indices, and just what causes, and corrects, each different form of ametropia ( see, dont i sound smarter already ? ). But this is not my point - my point is i take great care and time in choosing what stock to keep on my shelves and its like my male clientele dont care. Granted, most of my clients are at least 30 or older, but dont they wanna trendy themselves up a bit ? I know one or two young spectacle wearing guys ( who may or may not be reading this blog ) and they have smart, trendy, sexy glasses - so why am i only only tending to dispense big, old, ugly double bridge Grandpa frames ?

2. Bad posture annoys me.
I used to have shocking posture - 18 years of lugging around heavy school bags and slouching down into your seat will do that to you. However, yoga has pretty much corrected that for me and now i have a carriage that any beauty queen would be proud of. However, it irks me seeing other people slouching around, pushing there hips forward and curving there spine. And it irks me even more when certain of my petite friends stand in front of a mirror and go " aww, i'm so fat - look at my little pot belly ! ". Here's the tip - pull your stomach muscles up and in, push your pelvis back instead of forward and roll your shoulders up, back and down and voila! No pot belly and you look much more ladylike. Also, please dont come in to my work complaining that your glasses arent straight, you can see the top of them is crooked IF YOUR HEAD IS TILTED. If you have an unconscious head tilt, just a small tick in your posture, of course your bloody glasses will look crooked to you... your neck is holding your head crooked!

3. Summer is a dangerous time for ice cream lovers.
Especially those of us who are trying to watch our weight. Its not even summer yet and already i'm getting daily cravings for a double scoop of Macadamia flavour, in a cup, with a spoon, from Missy Moo's.

4. What am i going to wear tomorrow ?
Ok, this one is a daily dilemma for most females but i'm specifically pondering what to wear to dinner and then out to the pub tomorrow night. Normally i just pick something and go with it, everyone else be damned, but my best friend is coming out tomorrow because she is home for the weekend and i dont wana make her feel uncomfortable. See, i wana wear this new red dress i bought - it falls just above the knee, maybe a hint of cleavage if i wear the right bra - but i know she's going to wear jeans and a nice top, and i dont want her to feel underdressed ( i wont feel overdressed, by the same token - its not me i'm worried about ). However, if she is fine with what she's wearing and really, why wouldnt she be , i dont want her to think i look slutty. I'm not saying my dress is slutty, or even that i'm slutty, just that our ideas of appropriate pub wear are a little different seeing as i live at the pub on the weekends and she may aswell aready be an old married woman. Oh, the dilemma!

5. I want a new hair straightener.
Which is precisely why i mean to buy one tomorrow. Or do i ? I still havent quite decided. I really do want one, the question ( or questions rather ) is do i want to pay for it ? And how long am i willing to wait ? I was holding out hope that my parents would buy me a new one for Christmas, which would save me forking out the dough for a good one. However, i dont think i can put up with hair that requires straightening TWICE before i go anywhere if i want it to stay straight - if i dont straighten it twice, with about a 10 minutes gap in between straightenings, its goes back to be kinky after 45 minutes or so.

And that be all for now. Sure, there was probably other things that crossed my mind, maybe even some more interesting than the dribble i spat out above, but i cant exactly remember any of it, and you dont really want to have me ramble on much more, do you ?


  1. I'm with you on the posture thing. I find drooping shoulders and general bad posture very unatractive in a women. And so much of the kids I see these days seem to have this problem.

  2. hahaha, your mind certainly is active.... you should re-read the thing about the dress, sounds insane to me,....but then, girls are

  3. The dress thign is not insane! And for your updated infomration, i did end up wearing the red dress... and i totally rocked it!

  4. Erm. random question. Do you have the GHD straightner available there? Its insanely overpriced but oh so worth it...


  5. Surely do have GHD, i just dotn have the $300 AUS to pay for it.....