Sunday, October 14, 2007

Did you just touch my arse ?

Its a valid question - so why do those male type persons feel the need to lie when i ask them ? Not that random men are grabbing my rear end every day of the week - but it does commonly occur on a Saturday night. Not necessarily a grab - it could be anywhere from a brush, to a squeeze - but it mainly happens on the dancefloor or pushing my way through a crowd at one of my local watering holes. Now dont get me wrong - i dont really mind my bum being grabbed ( its kind of flattering actually, i mean i work hard for my bum to look appealing .... ) as long as your not too aggressive about it but... why lie ? I know you did it, why not just own up ? For example, i'm on my way to the bathroom, the walk ways are crowded, some idiots are having a freaking hens meeting in the door way so nobody else can get past so i'm kind of stuck in traffic and there it is - a very subtle squeeze of my posterior. I felt it - it wasnt an accidental brush of someones else's hand as they were trying to push past - it was a squeeze ok ? So i turn around and ask the guy sitting at the table directly behind me " Excuse me, did you just touch my arse ? " And what does he say " Umm...uh... no ? " And thats how he said it too - kind of like a question, like he wasnt sure if he should be saying yes or no. And lets face it, i can also tell he's lying because his eyes have gone from my bum ( probably, i mean i dont have eyes in the back of my head or anything ... ) to my cleavage ( of which there was much last night, i was kind of overly boobalicious ). Now had he said yes, i probably would have started some kind of semi-awkard conversation with him, if only for the perverse pleasure of watching him squirm, hoping it might turn into one of those really random pub conversations you tell your friends about; but no, he looks me in the cleavage and then lies.

And, quite frankly, i'm not really into liars, especially those who squeeze my bottom without asking and then lie straight to my breasts.