Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Baby steps people, baby steps....

After having had a relatively important conversation ( hinted at in the comments on my last post ) and being tired of sitting around like a steaming pile of depressed crap, i have decided to take charge and get better. Or at least back to normal anyways. I was lying in bed last night, willing myself to quit thinking and drift off to sleep but i actively decided that if my brain wouldnt shut down the least i could do is think about something useful and important. So last night i decided to set myself a challenge, small but significant - in the lead up to my 24th birthday i am going to take time out each day to do one menial task that i have been putting off. One chore, one little thing that i have had no motivation to do even though i know i should. I am going to push myself to do the set task, no matter how bored/tired/depressed i happen to be. So i sat down in my lunch break and this is what i cam up with :

Wed 9th - Fold basket of washing that has been piling up for 4 weeks.
Thurs 10th - Put folded washing away - including hanging jeans and dresses!
Fri 11th - Upload at least 6 CDs to Itunes.
Sat 12th - Finishing packing away the crap in the spare room.
Sun 13th - Take down my Christmas tree. Yep, its still up.
Mon 14th - Clean the bathroom, including making room for where Erin's stuff will go when she moves in.
Tues 15th - Sweep and mop kitchen.
Wed 16th - Unpack at least two boxes that are still languishing in the garage.
Thurs 17th - Get rid of the cobwebs springing up on the outside of my house.
Fri 18th - Upload at least another 6 CD's to Itunes.
Sat 19th - Sort through my clothes - take the old ones to charity.
Sun 20th - Clean out the fish tank.
Mon 21st - Vacuum all the carpeted rooms.

And there you be, thats it, there's my list. Like i said - small, menial, everyday tasks that i have just not been able to drag myself out of the cloud to do. But i am now, i'm going to make myself, making small baby steps to other things. Another baby step - tonight is the first night in almost 4 weeks that i have cooked myself an actual meal and not just eaten fruit or made some toast. It was only spaghetti, nothing fancy, but it was a big thing.

Wish me luck....


  1. you can wash my car while you're at it! needs a good hard elbow....

  2. Fat chance little buddy. I left cleaning MY car off the list for a reason....