Friday, January 25, 2008

Bringing sexy back...

So i have been out to dinner four nights this week, which means i have had some good " over dinner " conversations. One of these, with my girlfriends, ended up being a discussion on what is, and isnt sexy. We have a male friend coming down to visit and he has asked us if we could take him to one of the local pub/clubs, so that he can check out all the chicks. The fact that this particular pub is the place where all the young and, quite often, skanky chicks go is not lost on him - in fact its his whole reason for wanting to be there. We, though, are lost on what he, or any other man, could possibly find sexy about " skanky " chicks - what is sexy ? Of course, i understand that sexy is subjective so it got me to thinking - what do i think is sexy? And, possibly, why ? So, here for your reading pleasure ( and, possible disgust ) is a short list of what I, Amy, think is sexy :

1. Jeans and white tank tops - i almost always feel sexiest when in a pair of denim jeans and a white tank top, natural make-up and barefoot. I think there is something to be said about the natural, minimal sexiness of women, of a woman at her most relaxed. Dont get me wrong, i love dressing up and do feel sexy in a flirty dress and full make-up, but its when i'm bumming around the house, jeans, singlet and my hair in a pony tail that i can look in the mirror and go " yea, i'm hot.... "

2.Dark hair - on both men and women. I'm not being biased because i, myself, am i brunette; i just think dark hair is sexier. Men with dark hair seem more masculine to me and women too, seem more powerful, more alluring. Almost every woman i would count amongst my style icons has dark hair ( Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tatou, Juliette Binoches character in " Chocolat ", even Mandy Moore is currently brunette ) and most every male celebrity i adore ( Colin Farrell, Mark Ruffalo, Johnny Depp... my heart forever belongs to Johnny ) is tall, dark and handsome aswell. No offense to the blondes out there, but blonde is over-rated.

3. Guitars - guitar music is sexy. Guitarists are sexy. Even guitars themselves, with their curves and polished woods, are sexy. Latin music, so heavily relying on the guitar, is the sexiest stuff to roll your hips to ( hips are sexy aswell, now i think of it ). Granted, drummers are cute, but its the lead guitarist, or lead vocalist/guitarist that always catches my eye. Its something about the music, man.

4.Men with muscular arms - think Rafael Nadal, or Vin Diesel, or the hot guy at my local pub with the tattoo. There is something to be said for men with well cut arms. Not only does the actual tautness of the muscle appeal to me visually, i think there is some kind of link between the physical and the emotional. I want a man with strong arms to hold me with them, to be able to pick me up, to keep me safe. I'm a petite woman, but being able to pick me up ? Thats sexy!

5. High heels - i know, this one sounds like a total girl thing, but go with it. First of all, shoes are pretty, and high heels are the prettiest of them all. Secondly, high heels force you to use the muscles in your legs differently, so they make your legs look longer and make your bum sit higher. Lastly, and this is for my male readers mainly, think of a woman, semi-naked ( or naked if you want, its your fantasy ) in a pair of high, pointy, stiletto heels - she could do you some damage, and isnt danger sexy?

The second half i wont elaborate much on, if only to make a complete list of 10:

6. Confidence
7. Being a good conversationalist, especially if you can discuss almost any topic
8. Stubble - on men, not on women. Men with just that rough, stubbly, half beard thing going on? Totally hot!
9. Men who are comfortable with, and good around, children
10. Driving fast, something about the adrenalin rush, and danger again

And that be all. Fill me in on your agreeance, disagreeance, or what you'd add to the list....


  1. Hi Amy,

    You are so right about high heels being sexy. Am picturing the naked/ semi nake woman in heels you described now lol

    Take care

  2. OOoh, I love the new pink - was actually going to comment on how the blue made your text hard to read, so the pink works well.

    Dude, reading that jeans and white bit made even me hot for you, I'm surprised you haven't had males come out of the woodworks proposing to you yet.

    have a fabulous weekend my love!

  3. ha ha freaking ha.... i know, doesnt my mundane-ness make me sound totally to die for?

    Got a lunch date tomorrow though so we'll see, i could be proposed to yet....

  4. Okay - compliment graciously accepted. Thanks!