Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm rockin' this list, yo

The challenge is going well - i have thus far successfully completed the first three days of tasks, and still managed to watch " The Amazing Race " last night and " Cirue Du Soleil's Varekai " on TV tonight. Ace for me!
I also made up my mind on what i want my father to cook me for my birthday dinner a few weeks from now ( Chicken Deluxe, with hasselback potatoes and crunchy green beans... mmmm ) and came up with a suggestion for my birthday present. I want a monster truck, bright red with flames up the sides, named Big Bertha, so i can just drive right over the top of everyone who drives slow, doesnt know where they're going or tries to cut me off. What ? Road rage ? Me?

But seriously, my parents are, after discussing it with me, going to buy me a 3 month gym membership for my birthday. It was my idea to join the gym, and theirs to pay for my membership. See, i figure joining the gym will give me something else other than my lonliness to focus my energies on; it will give me a place to go after work other than just coming straight home to lie on the lounge; and it will improve me physically which can only be a bonus right ? Plus, regualr exercise is on the recommended natural forms of lifting a depression, without the drugs, so it will be twice as good for me. So we can all look forward to a brighter, more energetic, slimmer me.... yay!

And that be all for now. Its Friday night, i have watched the brilliant Cirque Du Soleil presentation and i have uploaded 8 ( count 'em - 8! ) CD's to Itunes.... i have nothing left on my plate except to sleep.

Oh, i have some dishes that need doing too, but they arent on the official list so they can wait til tomorrow....

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