Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have semi-tread marks now...

Right, so the very few of you who used to read my old blog will have pondered this before, but in the interest of raising awareness and provoking discussion, i have decided to re-post one of my old blog entries. It is concerned with blood donation, something i am passionate about and do as frequently as the blood bank allows. Everytime i give blood - every 10 weeks, almost on the dot - i save 3 lives. 3 people will benefit from my blood, allowing them to live longer, with a better quality of life in some cases. I even gave blood when i was in Cambodia, at a childrens hospital, because they had a diptheria outbreak and i knew half an hour of my time and 500ml of my blood could help.

My previous post is there in its entirety, unedited. Read it, and let me know what you think. Lay whatever your thinking on me, no cop outs, no pussy-footing around. Read it, discuss it, think about it.

I want your blood!
Apr 30, 2007, 20:53
I have just arrived home from giving blood. Well, to tell the truth, i didnt end up giving a whole unit today but its hardly my fault - the nurse was looking for a vein and just as she;s gone to insert the needle my vein has failed and motherforker did that hurt! She jiggled it around a bit, got it in, but it would pump properly so they only got about half a bag from me. But i digress....

I donate blood pretty much every 10 weeks on the dot. For example, i made an appointment tonight, while i was at the blood bank, for my next donation, 10 weeks from now. I am very big on giving blood. In fact, if i were prime minister ( or substitute any other political or world leader able to make these kinds of decisions ) i would make it a law that if you dont give blood, but you dont receive any. It may sound harsh, illogical, unfair... but its not.

I've had this conversation with one of you before, and mentioned donating blood to another and here's my take on it - giving blood is so easy. All it requires is, at the most 20 minutes of your time ( ok, maybe an hour if, like tonight, you have to wait your turn and then your vein collapses ) and it saves countless lives. It is one harmless needle, one momentary pinch and then you can relax in your chair and wait for your little baggie thing to fill up. Turn your head a little, and 10 minutes of free entertainment - those little baggie thingies look remarkably like lava lamps! And hell, at the end of it all, you get a milkshake and a sausage roll, all for free ... what more could you want? I reiterate - its so EASY.

So it shits me that people wont do it. People who say " oh, but i'm scared of needles " or " I just wont wana " or " i couldnt be bothered " .... screw all of you! That is a bullshit cop out - those are selfish reasons for not helping your fellow man and hell, they arent even reasons, they're just excuses. People who have some kind of disorder or illness that prevents them from giving blood, or old people and children for whom its just not recommended, well, thats fair enough. But anybody else - i just cant understand why people WOULDNT do it. It's so EASY.

And thats why i'm pushing my " No giving, no receiving " policy for all those bullshit cop outs. If you cant be bothered giving 20 minutes of your time to help others, to maybe save the life of a helpless child, a father, a mother, your neighbour, the guy down the block, then why should the rest of us be bothered to help you? Isnt it selfish to do one thing and expect another ?

And there ends my rant. As you can see, it is somethig i feel strongly about, so dont hate me if you have a different viewpoint. Just know that when i am elected to power, i'm not sharing my blood with you!


  1. I stand by my argument - not only would it be unconstitutional, but how can you refuse health care to someone in need? How un-Australian.

  2. Thats the point Sonny.... the people who dont donate blood, for reasons no better than " i dont like needles ", are refusing to help people in need. It runs both ways - i would be doing no more what they themselves are doing...