Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aren't I Already Wise Enough ?

Seriously? I mean i’m no Socrates or anything, but i’d rather not be if it means i don’t have to suffer the growing in of wisdom teeth. Or rather, just the growing – they aren’t growing through my gums at all. This may be kind of an overshare but i finally dragged my arse to the dentist only to be told my wisdom teeth are impacted- that is, there isn’t enough room in along my jaw for them to break the gum and come through, so there are growing into other teeth. Pushing themselves against teeth in an effort to break free! Go little teeth, push, be free! You say? Hell freakin’ no! These stupid teeth are causing me immense pain. Every few weeks or so they throw a little tantrum, try and push their way up, and i walk around for a week feeling like someone has punched me in the jaw. Not an entirely pleasant experience really. So i’ve decided its time to get the damn things taken out. I have a referral to an oral surgeon so i rang today to make an appointment for an initial consultation. When am i going to see him ? 6pm, November 12th. Thats like a whole month away! Which all means i’ll probably have to put up with the whole dull, thudding, aching jaw thing at least twice more. You suck, health system!

In completely unrelated news, I’m having my measurements taken at the gym again tomorrow night. It will be the first time since the implementation of my new program that i’ve been measured up, and my fingers are crossed that i’ve made some progress. You know how i posted about my butt feeling like it had suddenly become a whole lot bigger ? I was right! I had my measurements done before i started on my new program and my bum had gotten a whole 3 centimetres bigger than it was the last time i was measured up. 3 whole centimetres – thats like an inch to you American type people! And i know i should be all out and proud about having a little junk in my trunk, but no woman that frequents the gym as much as i do wants to hear that her bum is getting bigger. Seriously, if thats going to happen, what the hell am i sweating it out five times a week for ? You know, besides the fact that i quiet enjoy it ? The only thing i can think of, and would be quite happy to accept, is that my butt is sitting higher – that is, the muscle is more toned and perkier. Okay, maybe thats an overshare too, you all don’t really want to be picturing my apparently big perky bum, but there you have it. I could accept that, that much would work for me. But if its just a case of the rest of me is shrinking and my butt is officially trying to take over the world, well, that would just suck.

So now that you know all about my health concerns and body issues, rest assured that i’ll keep you in the loop. Yes, i’m going to overshare everything from now on, just so that you don’t miss out. Because, you know, NOT knowing how my teeth are feeling or how big my butt is feeling on any given day would just be a tragedy now, wouldn’t it ?


  1. I had my wisdom teeth taken out two days before Christmas. Christmas morning, I was high as a kite. But the whole procedure wasn't too bad.

    I like girls with junk in their trunk. Curves are good. I don't want to feel like I'm grabbing a little boy.

  2. hahahah this post made me laugh a lot

    and YES to the junk in your trunk!