Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Love is all around me....

I am not alone. Obviously - i live with my parents and my younger sister, i'm NEVER alone - but thats not what i meant. I mean I am not alone in my quest for true love - apparently you all have issues too. Seriously. If i was to have a rough guess-timate I'd say that 67.3% of the blog posts i have read in the past week have related back to L-O-V-E . People falling love; out of love;having new crushes; crushing over exes; wondering where it will lead and wondering where it all went wrong. It seems that we in this particualr blogopshere are a complex set of creatures, and we're all looking for lurve.

So i said in my last post that I'm going to give a second date with Joe a shot, and Steph wonders if my date must have been all that terrible in the first place. Wel, it wasnt - it wasnt terrible, it was just " meh ". And, on the scale of things, " meh " is not as bad as " argh! ", is it ? If you're wondering what scale it is that i refer to, it is as follows:

1. " Argh! " = terrible; horrible; could not have been worse;
2. " meh " = yea, it was alright .... i suppose...
3. " Woo hoo! " = great; fantastic; mind blowingly ace;

So no, i wasnt tearing my hair out at how awful it was, but i wasnt exactly " Woo hoo! "ing either. And so, on this occasion, I've decided that " meh " deserves a second chance. I mean, what if the first date was just a one off and the second one completely rocks my socks? I could potentially miss out on that sparky " Woo hoo! "ing because Joe was having one off night. If worse comes to worst, the second date totally blows - but then i know for sure right ? Plus, we all need bad date stories, the horror stories we tell our friends and siblings ( and blog buddies ... ) to demonstrate just how bad the whole love caper can get. Like, I dont know, when your date spends approximately 97% of the night talking about how uch he earns, how much he owns and how much it costs - and even goes so far as showing you numerous pictures of his flat screen tv. Like they were pictures of his kids. Prententious much ?

So, if any of you blog readers are in half of a loved up couple, how did you meet your other half ? Is there anything i should be doing that i'm not ? I want the secrets of the love universe people! Open up!


  1. L-o-v-e your date scale! What a giggle! Seriously Amy, love will come when you're not expecting it. Still, you're taking the initiative and doing something, and that's good! He could just have been nervous about meeting you? He may be totally different when he's 'more relaxed'? I guess you have a pretty fair idea about what love means, so your expectations are high, and why not? You deserve it. Shows you're a decent forgiving kind hearted person not to judge too harshly by a single first meeting. Who knows? In my past have had long relationships from 'wow' factor blind dates, to the 'no way for me' guy in the office who got better as I got to know him. Can a 'meh' become a 'woo-hoo'? Course it can.

    Have fun xx

  2. a girl my "friend" dated a while back. turned out he was an idiot, she was not, and i was not. simple case of mathematics.

    There was a period there when it was all "shit what if he finds out" and then we just said, actually he's an idiot we don't care. it really came down to friend of a friend that i ran into at the bar. there may or may not have been a little "what was he thinking" talk to make me look better than him, but i tried to keep it to a minimum.

    my friend used to have a website www.duddates.com see if its still there and share your story.

  3. I'm glad that the same colorful expressions are shared on both sides of the sea!