Monday, February 8, 2010

At Last - The Unmasking...

Well, doesnt that sound mysterious - " The Unmasking ". You know who usually gets unmasked? Superheroes - and the villains at the end of every episode of " Scooby Doo " thats ever been made. Not that i'm a superhero or anything ( so you can quit it with your Amy-as-Wonderwoman fantasies ) nor is the person i'm about to introduce you to. No - he's someone that you're all very familiar with but till this very momentous occasion you've never seen his face. Who could i possibly be talking about?

Mr Gil.

Or Michael, as his mother named him. Or Mick, as he prefers to be called. Thats us right there - me and my fiance, the man i have formerly hidden behind the mantle of Mr Gil and who will now be referred to in this blog as Mick.

Why unmask him now, after all this time? Well i figure i use my own name and because i cant help but gush over my gorgeous boy i've used my son's real name and plastered his photo all over this site; plus if you're my friend on Facebook ( which you can be, if you wanna.... just let me know ) you'd be able to see Mick's page via the " Amy Wells is engaged to " link anyway. And this way when I have any cute pictures of Flynn with his daddy or both of his parents i can post them without having to blur Micks face or crop him out. Its just going to make things so much easier!

So there you have it. I dont know if any of you were curious to see what " Mr Gil " looked like but if you were i hope your curiousity has been satisfied. And now onto the rest of my day - Flynn is ( thankfully ) having a nap so i get some lunch in before i take him for his 6 week check up - and needles - this afternoon....


  1. AW! I love the unmasking.

    It's also funny, and so apropo that you unmasked now. I decided a few weeks ago that (I think) I will only unmask myself after I have a child...whatever form that child arrives in (adoption, naturally, etc.)

    However, that could be YEARS!

  2. I'm in work and can't see the photo. So unfair! *stamps foot*

  3. I FINALLY saw it now! He looks lovely!

    Also do you want to be friends on facebook? If you do a search on, it SHOULD come up. I think...

  4. He looks like a man's man... I can see why you are all goo goo ga ga over him. And I say that in as straight a way as possible. Thanks for the reveal! I like to put a face to the name.

  5. 成功招引朋友,挫敗可考驗朋友..............................

  6. I've always used my real name online ~ just not my last name :) I really like the name "Flynn" - we're having a heck of a time tying to come up with a boys names!!!