Friday, February 12, 2010

Thinking Happy, Week 3 - Happy Valentines Day!

Ok, so its actually the day before Valentines Day but i'm getting in early while i have both my children ( the baby-child AND the man-child ) asleep . Once again, i'm joining in Good Golly Miss Holly!'s " Operation Think Happy " by making a list of 7 things that have made me happy or put a smile on my face this week - feel free to join if you like!
1. Being healthy - both Flynn and I had our 6 week post-natal check ups this week and i'm happy to say we're both healthy and problem free!
2. Having time to myself - I left Flynn at Grandma and Poppy's house ( thats my mum and dad ) while i went to get a haircut. Its the first time i've had in 7 weeks to get and out and about by myself - it was so nice just to have an hour and half just doing something for me. Of course i wondered what Flynn was doing and went straight to him and smothered him with kisses when i got back.... but in the moment, it made me happy to have that little ounce of freedom.
3. An early morning snuggle - with everybody! Now before you let your imagination run away with you, i'm taking me, Mick and Flynn, all curled up together this morning. I had Flynn curled into my chest trying to get him back to sleep and then Mick rolled over and hugged me into him. It was just a blissful little moment where i realised what a beautiful little family we've made....
4. Blog posts - not mine: yours! I've read so many interesting posts this week.... keep up the good work people!
5. My haircut - ok so i've already mentioned that being able to get out and go for a haircut made me happy, but the haircut itself has put a smile on my face too. I've had about 6cm/2 inches-ish taken off so i now have a shoulder length bob type thing happening. I have a natural wave in my hair which, with the new length, looks much more bouncy and less weighty. Noice!
6. A full nights sleep - Flynn had one night of what is called ' sleeping through ' - that is, he slept from 10:30pm til 6:30am, which means Mummy got almost a full 8 hrs. Might not sound like much but it made my day!
7. Facebook friend requests - i had one from a blog buddy ( hey Paula! ) and one from a girl i went to high school with. She still lives here in town but - as you do - we lost touch, so it was nice to get a friend request and be able to catch up a bit. I've also realised that there are at least 5 girls from my class ( including me ) who still live here who have babies 1 yr old or younger. Maybe i should try and start a mummas group with them?
So there you be - with Valentines Day up tomorrow hopefully i will have some more highlights for next weeks list.... and a specific Valentines Day recap post for you aswell!

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