Monday, February 1, 2010

A Photo Update

My gorgeous little man smiles now! Granted, thats only really a smirk, but the cheeky little dude wont burst into into a full blown smile when Mummy has the camera in his face. But i gotta say, as annoying as it is that he wont co-operate so i can share his smiles with the world, when he does bless me with a big toothless grin its the most heart-meltingly beautiful thing in the world...
He's beginning to really like his seahorse - see, he's giving it hugs! Flynn's seahorse lights up and plays music and just in the last few days Flynn has started taking a real liking to it. This is handy, because if he wont fall asleep i can put him in his bassinette, turn the seahorse on, and i know i have exactly 5 minutes of music ( and thus, amusement ) to have a shower!

And this one is not so much an update as it is a backdate - thats me and my little dude straight after his birth. As haggard as i look, i'm not ashamed to share this one. I'm allowed to look tired - i've just accomplished something amazing!

1 comment:

  1. I wish Grayson was that easily amused. He's not. I have about 3 minutes from the time I put him in the bassinet and turn on the music to get whatever the heck it is I need to do done before the screaming starts. Enough time for a bathroom break.