Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to the 'New' .....

Whats this? Where are you? Who am i? whats with the questions Amy?
Well, in case you havent noticed, i've changed my blog name. Thats right, take a look up there on the header - " Insomniatic Musings " is gone and has been replaced with " New Adventures in Dreamworld ". Huh?

Well, to be truthful, i just wasnt feeling the whole " Insomniatic Musings " thing anymore. It hasnt matched 'me' or my blog for a while - i started this blog in the midst of depression, when i wasnt getting much sleep, and i was using the blog as a tool to get all those things that kept me awake at night off my chest. With the depression gone and the sleep ( somewhat ) returned, the name just didnt feel relative anymore. I wanted to find something new, something that better reflected whats happening with me now and what could be happening in the future. So, after a little thought, i've gone with:

" New Adventures in Dreamworld ".

The ' New Adventures " part is pretty self explanatory. Why the " Dreamworld " bit? Well not to sound too schmaltzy, but thats where i'm living now - in the world i'd always dreamed of when sleep did eventually come to me. I have a beautiful man who i'm in love with and who loves me back; a gorgeous son; my wonderful family and friends; and a whole bunch of positivity to move forward with. I dont just see light at the end of a tunnel - i generate the light and its a damned beautiful glow!

So welcome to my ' Dreamworld '. Oh, and if you arent already following me, go press that button over to your left and become an official follower!


  1. I love it. Except for the creepy fish header - but that's me and not you...

    This title suits you a lot better, you're right.


  2. I love the new header picture, quirky and clever!

  3. Wow, I miss a few days, come back and you've changed your blog title! I think you were wise to make the change, as this phase of life must seem so different than the last one.

    Nice choice of a title, too.

  4. I like this!! I can't wait to read more :)