Monday, April 19, 2010

From One Befuddled Brain To Another

Blog This! challenge time again:
This week we'd like all of blog this members to seek out another. One you've never visited, one you don't follow. One you admire, find interest in. Write about it on your blog and 'review' it, gush about it, or re-post one of their articles with your commentary. Be nice! Leave a comment and a link for them to know you've done so.

So i read this weeks challenge with interest - go out and find myself some new blogs to read huh ? Search the members list and discover great new blogs to read and love and comment on ? Yea, ok, i can do that. Piece of cake i thought. But, to be honest with you, it wasnt all that easy. I thought i would just click on five random blogs ( scroll down the page with my eyes shut and click on which ever link the cursor rested on ... ) and i would have a hard time choosing the best of them to write my post about. But i tried that and i didnt fall under the spell of any of that first five. I tried it again - i didnt melt for any of the second five either. Its not to say that those 10 blogs that i perused were " bad " - just that the blog subject or the writing style didnt jump out and grab me. I'm a bit fussy with my blog reading i think - your style of writing really has to read well, really needs to jump out at me, other wise i'm gonna be bored. I'm a self confessed Yoga Nazi, so maybe i'm a Blog Nazi too, i dont know. What i'm saying is there is a whole bunch of good Blog This!-ers out there, some of them just dont necessarily speak to me. However, after much blog surfing, i stumbled upon ...

Brea's Befuddled Brain.

No, i did not trip over and ACTUAL brain, thats the name of Brea's blog. What is funny is that when i saw the picture of Brea on her blog i thought she looked familiar... and then i realised she was a follower of MY blog and i'd never had a look at hers. Bad, bad, blog manners Amy! What is also funny is that the most recent post when i first went to her blog ( i have been back subsequently ) was regarding the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 and she'd actually written a little introduction/welcome to her blog .... which made my job so much easier! And i like the way the lady writes - seems she shares my slightly sarcastic, kinda kooky sense of humour - which makes me wanna stick around on her blog. Hell, i even pressed the follow button and contributed to her goal of achieving 100 followers by her next birthday. Ambitious.Witness this passage, direct from Brea's post:
There's been a Party happening right under my nose for the past week and I've stubbornly resisted attending.

It's not because I'm shy or anything, nothing as glamorous as that. Truthfully? It's because I can't be bothered shaving my legs.
* We both have pierced belly buttons and tattoos
* We're both mumma's
* She just recently dyed her hair a burgundy/red colour and i'm tossing up doing the same
* She's uses the word " befuddled " which, frankly, i think is waaaaay under-used.
* She said ( above ) that she didnt attend the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 because " I can't be bothered shaving my legs ". Tongue in cheek of course because the Blog Party was an online event, but it made me cack because i'm one of these chickies that will wear long pants on a warm day because i couldnt be arsed getting the razor out ( like today, for example ).

And so, by taking part in this weeks challenge, i've reached out and virtually shook hands with Brea. Maybe you could too - pop over and do her a favour, press her Follow button and help her reach her goal!


  1. Hi Amy!

    You are hilarious Darl. And I love your style of writing too.

    I'm so honoured that you picked my blog to, well, blog, about. (Man that's a lot of comma's...)

    Isn't it nice to be trundling happily along your way when out of the blue find someone who makes you laugh until a little bit of wee comes out? (Yeah, I know ladies, I have baby bladder too. And my daughter is nearly 13. Oh, and I hate to ruin it for you but there is no hope for redemption. Them pelvic floors just ain't what they used to be...)

  2. This is a neat challenge!! Good way to discover new blogs, etc. I'm on my way to read Brea's right now :)

  3. Haha - i totally do the same thing re: wearing trousers rather than shaving my legs sometimes!

  4. Great challenge and great tribute to Brea. I concur...befuddled is waaaay underused.

  5. LOL
    Enjoyed reading your 'hand shaking' post ;)

  6. nice to 'reach out' and make blog mates isn't it. might do so now..