Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Drowning!

Not literally of course - if i was, there would be no way i could get word to you guys via the interweb from underwater.

What i mean is i'm drowning in a sea of washing and its kind of annoying me ( although i can still make time to blog about it... ). Its annoying me because its there, and its annoying me because its making my house look untidy and i want to fold it and put it away.... but its like i cant. I keep looking at it and its frusturating me because i sooooooooo wanna be this SuperHousewife and i'm so motivated to do it - until it actually comes time to fold the damn clothes and then i'm all like " Flynn needs me " or " I need a nap " or " Hey, those cookies are calling my name ". I mean, its so bad - i'm all caught up with washing the clothes so its not like i have a mountain of dirty stuff lying around, its just that the overflowing baskets ( two and bit... ) of clean stuff is making a total brothel of my house. Seriously, when i get off this computer ( Lori, i have a problem.... ) i'm diving straight into the washing.

In other news, this time of the TMI variety - my son is still, ahem, " backed up ". Its been 16 days since he went naturally, without any " prompting " by a doctor, and the worry is starting to do my head in. Sometime he's in real pain and screams for 30 to 40 minutes at a time, and thats kind of stressful. We've tried: plain water, prune juice, pureed fruit, a teaspoon of paraffin oil, massage, warm baths and now we're on a steady diet of carrot/apple juice along with booby milks. And ...nothing. Not even a skiddy. Anyone got any other suggestions?

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  1. Oh dear. Maybe you do need the evil FlyLady ;) Load a day, fold it straight away-no more Mt Washmore! or something like that.

    Poor Flynn. Have you tried a tiny bit of brown sugar in a bottle or cup of water? Or some caramel custard, that has brown sugar in it. Works well, I promise.

  2. @Lori - yep, tried the brown sugar in with his juice. No good. havent tried the custard tho...

  3. there is always, always washing isn't there? and i don't even have baby clothes to worry about

  4. I wouldn't stress too much about the laundry!! You have more important things to worry about....and it will get done when it gets done!!

    Poor kid..I really have no idea if there are any good solutions, but I hope he's feeling better soon!

  5. I'm drowning in baskets of unfolded clean washing. There is 4 huge and overflowing baskets which have been there for WEEKS. Neither my partner nor I want to start them.