Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Un-Mushy Update

This one is a little TMI, unless your a mumma, in which case its just a normal thing for you.

As i previously posted, my little Flynn started on " solids " last week. However, we've backed off the mush for a few days because, ahem, the little dude is " backed up". If you know what i mean. And if you dont - it means he hasnt pooped in over 6 days now. I knew that introducing solids messes with their little digestive systems for a while, and i was expected a little break in poop proceedings - but 6 days ? Holy schmoly! I've taken him to the doctor and he's been on little baby laxative drops and prune juice for 3 days but still nothing. I feel bad because i'm the one who's fed him the stuff thats blocked him up - my only consolation is he doesnt really seem to be in any pain, except after a feed. After a feed when his tummy is full he goes all red in the face and has a big. old, screaming cry. Mama doesnt like listening to that. It makes me feel bad. He had his 4 month vaccination needles today and i asked the nurse about his " problem " and she said its completely normal, just keep up the drops and the juice, and he has to pooh eventually.

We all do, right?

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  1. Bless his little heart. It does happen, though. A little prune juice (or even prunes!) should get him back on track.

  2. Oh, poor baby :( Won't last forever :hug:

  3. Sometimes a warm bath and a little tummy massage can help get things moving too. Since a warm bath will relax his muscles it might get things moving a little better. You could also move his legs around like he's riding a bike. That helps bring gas down too. It always worked for Ethan and Claire.

  4. I'm having a similar problem right now. :)

  5. Hi Sweetie.

    I don't know if Flynn's still having pooping problems (I hope not poor baby!), but if he is, OR if you have the same problem again, try Malt.

    You can get it plain, in a tin, at your local supermarket (usually in the powdered drink section i.e. Milo), and all you do is mix it with a little milk or formula, and feed it to him.

    When Tomika was a baby she was on soy formula (I got mastitis), and she was constantly backed-up. The malt worked like a charm when nothing else would.

  6. When all else failed we would use a glycerin suppository and it worked like a charm.