Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best Invention Ever?

Or medevial torture device?

If your not sure what i'm talking about, you've missed the news this week that a doctor in South Africa has invented an anti-rape condom. Its basically a plastic device, inserted as you would a tampon, that has jagged hooks on the inside which would attach themselves to the attackers penis. The hooks only grip in tighter when the male tries to pull out, and once attached the condom can only be removed by a doctor.

Sounds good in theory - a device which may just in fact deter men ( who would be so inclined ) from raping innocent women. When the legal penalities have not been enough to stop rape from happening, perhaps the knowledge that their manhood will be completely mangled will be enough. But when would a women use it ? Daily? When going on a date with a new and unfamiliar man ? When heading out for a night on the town, just in case? Seems to me that, in practice, the anti-rape condom may be a little impractical.

So, despite fact that i think that any man who tries to rape a woman deserves to have his manhood mangled ( or chopped off even... ) i'm not so sure that this anti-rape condom is going to work. Points for trying, but in reality i'm not sure that this is the ultimate solution to this scourge on society....


  1. They should put one of those bad boys on any men convicted of rape. Let them sport it for the rest of their lives. Whenever they think about raping someone it can jab them with some hook action.

  2. Argh, it made a bit more sense after i read the article - i was thinking the man would be stuck inside the woman afterwards until removed by the doctor, which would just add to a woman's trauma surely!

    Definitely not practical anyway. I could see guys suing women who caught them out with one.

  3. I'm with you on this one, it's a good idea in theory but it would be difficult to decide when to use it. I can understand the reasoning behind it and think it's good that someone is trying to find a solution.

    Unfortunately we know that on the occasions when rape is actually reported and investigated, many men will use the "She consented" argument. I guess this device would show that wasn't true.