Monday, June 14, 2010

We Have Success!

So - Mick and I finally managed to make it to the cinema today, taking advantage of our public holiday Monday. See, we havent been to the movies since November last year ( the last film we saw at the cinema was " 2012 " ) and its something i really missed doing. I had planned on going to see " Avatar " with my father the day after Boxing Day last year ... but was interrupted but the birth of my son. Mick and I had planned to go 2 weeks ago but thats when i came down with that horrible 24 hour virus - and i didnt much fancy having to flee the cinema and run to toilet to throw up every 15 minutes. So when we noticed that the film we wanted to see was being shown in the cinema with the crying room today, we though why not pack up Flynn and we could all go to the movies together?

And so, with a bit of trepidation, we did. I put a few extra toys in Flynns bag, made sure he had a blanket in his pram ( why are cinemas always cold? ) and off we went to see " Robin Hood ". I'm not going to a review post or anything but suffice to say i enjoyed it. It was my kind of thing - epic, well shot, well acted ( despite ole Rusty's accent going in and out ) and its been left open to a sequel. Oh, and it also features the divine Cate Blanchett, who i think is just an acting goddess. What i really loved though was how well Flynn went. He was a little over-awed at the size of the screen to begin with but he fell asleep about 20 minutes into the movie and stayed asleep for over and hour. After the movie we bought some pies from our local bakery and had our lunch in the park.

So quite the successful outing. It gives me confidence that we can go out and do things with Flynn now that he's a little older without me worrying that he;s going to chuck some kind of big tantrum or go on a crying jag. The sanctuary of the crying room helps though of course :)


  1. I've never heard of a crying room. What is it?

    I haven't been to a movie since Halloween of 2007. I was pregnant with Claire then. In fact, David and I haven't even had a date since that day. We REALLY need a night out. David is forcing me out of the house to see Eclipse though. He made a "playdate" for me with my

  2. I've heard of crying rooms before but we don't have them where I live. I know there are some in London but that's way too far to go to the cinema! I'm glad your trip gave you more confidence and that you managed to finally get to go! Lovely that you got to have a mini picnic too :)

  3. The crying room sounds like the best invention EVER!!! Why do they not have them here? It would be a lifesaver for our family!!

  4. yay! date night, even if it is w/ the baby. so glad to hear he was a sweet baby. And I adore Cate Blanchett.