Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Flip Offs - Again

Welcome back to another Friday Flip Off's, my chance to get my virtual rage on ( and without having to yell at my nearest and dearest ). Proudly brough to you by Gigi at KludgyMom.

To the Australia Labor Party - so you've given us a new Prime Minister, and our first female one at that. I'm so not impressed with the way you did it though. You've tainted the honor that Julia Gillard should have in being our first female PM and dont think you've managed to score my vote because you've dumped Kevin Rudd - i wasnt a fan of his by any means, but i would have liked to chance to have democratically voted him out. You know, like we're supposed to. So to your MP's and faceless powerbrokers who took away my right to vote, or not vote, for the person who runs my country ... FLIP OFF!

To the rash that has appeared on my sons back -  and his bum. I'm pretty sure you're only due to teething ( but i'm going to check with the doctor on Monday anyway ) and i dont think you're causing him any pain or trouble... but you look ugly. And itchy. And if you were on MY body you'd probably be driving me mad. So for the sake of my son having his gorgeous olive-y skin back, why dont you just FLIP OFF!

To mummy guilt - you got to me on Monday, well and truely. You made me cry, and then you made me feel bad that i'd cried. Basically, youir not nice and i dont need you in my life anymore. I'm a good mumma and thats all that needs be said. Take your horrible, nagging voice out of my head and FLIP OFF!

To all the bad drivers in my town - why is it that i'm the only person around here who knows how to drive? To the rest of you - stop pulling out in front of me and cutting me off; learn how to correctly use your indicators; know when you do, and dont, have right of way; and for the love of God, stop breaking the speed limit to go around me and then slowing down when you pull in front of me! You're driving me mental and probably contributing to the amount of swearing my son gets to hear everyday. Usually i'd use the other f-word but today you can just FLIP OFF!


  1. haha. this must be the week of bad drivers. aahh, lovely mommy guilt. why did that have to be in our dna

  2. Great flips! I'm totally with you on the mummy guilt, we don't need it but keep on forcing it on ourselves. We should all give ourselves a break really!

  3. We all have the mommy guilt from time to time. Don't give in. Not worth it. No mommy is perfect. But we try. That's all we can do. Hang in there.

  4. Grrr, grrr and MORE grrrr to bad drivers! I don't even DRIVE and they still do my head in.