Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Flynn, Aged 6 Months

Happy half-birthday my beautiful bubba! It so strange to think that this time 6 months ago i was only a few hours done with labouring you, and was no doubt was blissfully watching you sleep.

You're not so good at going to sleep anymore ( i will fill you in on the trials and tribulations of Project Sleepy-time one day when you're older ) but i still love to watch you when you're finally pushing out the zzz's. Your snoring has gotten itself under control - you dont sound so much like an old man - and your little face is so handsome when your asleep. You remind me so much of your daddy in your sleep - that is, your sleeping faces of the same, you both snore and are both prone to bedtime farting. ( Sorry Mick ).

You've discovered so much in the 3 months since i last wrote you a letter :
a) you've learned to sit up on your own ( and all without a Bumbo )
b) you reach for things with both hands and like to swap toys from hand to hand and back again, just to show off your motor skills
c) you finally learned to blow raspberries after weeks and weeks of me blowing them at you. Now, when your in a talkative mood, i can hardly get a word in edge-wise for all the " bbbbbffft! " going on.

You've cut yourself some cute little teeth - they arent all the way up yet but there is enough of them there to give Daddy a little nip with. You had your " digestion issues " but after a bit of doctors advice you're now loving your fruit and custard at tea time, and porridge or yoghurt for breakfast - so much so i think you're growing yourself a nice little bikkie belly! You've made friends with the other gorgeous kiddies at mums group - watching you play and interact with them is so beautiful, even when you accidentally pull hair, or bonk each other in the head with toys, or even when you get grumpy and dont want to sit by yourself anymore. I pretend that i think your being a boom-baa but i secretly like that you need some time out just to snuggle up on Mummy's lap.

You went through a clingy stage for a while there but you've moved past it. You know longer NEED to be touching me, and are more than happy to have a cuddle with another close relative ( at least for a little while ). You are back to loving Poppy S - you actually screamed at the sight of him during your clingy thig - and now, after only a week, you are already excited when its getting near to 4pm.... the time Poppy S comes to take you for a walk.

Your daddy and I are both still besotted with you - even though sometimes you make me cry because i'm so tired, or you pull Daddy's chest hairs. Even though i keep threatening to pack you up and send you to China if you dont learn to sleep, i wouldnt trade you for the world.

Big lots love, snuggles and kisses,

Love Mummy xxoo


  1. Happy 6 Months Flynn!

    They grow up oh so fast don't they?

  2. Lovely post! Happy Half Birthday Flynn!

  3. Aw, Aimes, he's so beautiful and happy looking.

    Happy half birthday to your beautiful bubba!

  4. Look at that big gummy smile! You know, never had success with the bumbo helping Grayson or Claire sit up. They only liked it for because they both had reflux and it kept them upright. Other than that, I never got a whole lost of use out of it. I hope in his next six month's he gets to sleep for you. Good luck!

  5. he is such a cutey! and what a lovely letter to write him! I love how you balance it just right on your blog - the honesty when motherhood is rough and the sheer joy and love when it is smooth - you get the balance right.