Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

Eyelashes wet with tears
Hot little face
Flushed red and crumpled
Fighting the sleep and pain of teeth
Fat little fist
Curled 'round my finger
Trying to hold on to wakefulness
Not quite succeeding
Whimpers get softer
Eyelids drop closed
Sleep takes over
But Mummy hangs on

Ok, little poetic interlude there people. Lets call that " Ode to Sleepy, Cranky Flynny ". I had to lie down with him this afternoon and help him get to sleep - it took 40 minutes but it was worth it. He might scream and sqwauk and cry for a while but damn is my child cute, with his little chubby cheeks and chubby hands and fluffy hair. That being said, i cant wait to get him into the kind of routine where i can pop his binky in, give him his blanky, put him in his cot and he'll drift off to sleep on his own. I have plans for that, just not quite yet. I think i'll let him get completely over the tummy troubles and comfortable with his solids ( pumpkin rocks his world! ) before i spring anything new on him.

Except swimming. Some of the other mums and bubs from our mothers group have been going swimming for weeks now ( one of the girls in our group is a swim teacher so she's teaching everyone for free ) and i've been too embarrassed to go. I didnt think my swimmers from last summer would feet me ( big baby boobs again.... ) and i didnt want anyone to see my " mummy tummy ". But you know what? Thats really damn selfish of me. Why should i hold my baby back from doing something new, from learning something important, just because i feel a bit fatt-ish? So i'm going to try those swimmers on tonight and if they fit we're off to the pool on Friday. Mick said if i feel a bit self conscious i can borrow a pair of his football shorts to wear as boardshorts - aint he nice? - and the only other thing i have to do is get Flynn some swim nappies.

Look out heated indoor pool - Flynn, his mummy, and her tummy are coming your way!


  1. Go the swimming Amy, you will both love it!! And I freaking hate it when they fight sleep like that :(

  2. You'll have a great time! I'm hoping to take Piglet soon too. Have fun!

  3. I bet you're gorgeous! You'll love swimming I'm sure. It took the Bebito a few weeks to warm to it. We don't have a big bath at home so he's just been having baths in the baby bath and I think he was initially overwhelmed by the amount of water surrounding him. He grew to love it when he realised he could splash like crazy and not really get in trouble for it. :)

    You paint such a lovely picture of nap time at your place. :) xo

  4. Love the poem! You have writing talent (well, obviously w/ the blog, but poetry too) and I know just what you mean about even w/ the tears you want to hold your little boy tight. And I'm too vain to ever wear a swimsuit again due to "mummy tummy" so I reserve judgment :) You're better than me to brave it.

  5. Go girlfriend, get in that water! I felt the same way when the Bug was a babe too but when we actually got there, I realised that I was surrounded by mothers and not bikini models! We all had our lumps, bumps and stretchies ;)

  6. Thanks for the encouragement everybody! Oh, and Erin, thanks for the compliment on the poetry - much appreciated!

  7. I think you have the right attitude in the end- that it's about getting your little guy to try something new, rather than thinking about how it affects you. And in any case, I'm sure the "mummy tummy" isn't nearly as noticeable as you think it is- we always make things out to be worse than they really are when it comes to our own bodies.