Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Campaign Of Great Importance

Once in a blue moon there comes a campaign that, if enough people jump onboard, can change the world. This is one such campaign. This is an issue close to my heart, and i would appreciate if all my loyal followers would band with me and together we can....

Yes, thats right, together we can BAN JEGGINGS FOREVER! I care so much about this very important issue that i have even taken the time to create my very own campaign badge ( i dont know how to do the code so feel free to copy and paste that baby to your page ). Jeggings are a scourge on society and, united, we can rid ourselves of them.

Granted, the jeggings in those there photographs dont look too bad. However, bare in mind that those are professional models who are built like praying mantises and if it werent for this fact the jeggings would be horrid on them too. I do not understand the appeal of the jegging - we all know how much i hate leggings of the ordinary variety, but at least they are what they are. Jeggings are leggings dressed up as jeans - so if you want to wear tights ( that are so clearly NOT pants ) then choose leggings; if you want to wear jeans then choose yourself a nice pair of skinnies. Do not choose a hybrid ( hybrid cars on the other hand are ok by me ). It was enough seeing young women ( and more than a handful of old birds who should know better ) getting around in leggings, worn as pants, with all their imperfections and visible pantylines ( if we're lucky ) on show for all the world to see. Now i have to put up with jeggings, with their faux-denim look and painted on pockets? Ridiculous! Skinnies maybe form-fitting but at least they are a little more forgiving than jeggings.

So, people of the world unite! Pander to the jeggings market no more, and implore your pretty young friends to buy themselves a good pair of proper pants! Wear your gorgeous knee high boots over skinny jeans, and not over fake Spandex jean knock offs! And men out there, stop ogling teenage girls who run around town in their jeggings and Ugg boots - they are far too young and you are not helping the cause. If we work at it, together we can rid the planet of jeggings, and save our retinas from further damage.


  1. Giggling like a schoolgirl here.

  2. Jeggings? JEGGINGS!!?? Who was the genius that came up with that crap? Seriously, leggings are meant for girls. Toddler girls. Once you stop being a toddler, they stop being cute.

  3. I'm with you! I really can't stand the things and don't know who ever thought they were a good idea in the first place!

  4. I'm with you! Up until 2 days ago I had only seen them online, andon models. Until. I saw a not enormous woman wearing some. With bedazzled pretend pockets no less! :o Not a great look, they need to be banned. I even comtemplated telling her how awful they looked, as I realised I was witnessing my first pair of IRL jeggings, and I never do things like that! (I didn't, too scared!)

  5. Hearing you sister. Down with the jeggings!!!!

  6. Awww, I LURVE jeggings! (clearly I am alone here). But I hear your points and they are quite relevant. Old, fat, VPL-wearig women should NOT be allowed to wear them, or even normal leggings. But they are soooo comfortable and I don't think they look too bad...on most people ;)

  7. I love my jeggings - I bought them from Lorna Jane. I am small so my jeggings do look okay on me, (not awesome but acceptable) - I make sure I wear tops that cover my crotch LOL!

    I teach PE and wear them with long jumpers on those days. If I could I also would wear my uggs to work too. :P

    I even blogged about my jeggins: