Thursday, March 17, 2011

Polly Dolly - She's Got Legs....In Tights. Take 2

Ok, yes, i did Polly Dolly yesterday. However, upon checking the linky over at Danimezza i found that 3 of us challengers had used the exact same tunic! Great minds think alike and all that but... i wanted to do another one, just to prove i could be different...
She's Got Legs....In Tights. Take 2

Where the first set was all " a day at the polo " grace, i like to think this one is a bit more dirty rock and roll. I took the inspiration from the tights this time, which reminded me so much of something a Tim Burton character would wear, hence the cute " Nightmare Before Christmas" bag. ( For anyone who doesnt know who Tim Burton is, he is only the GREATEST film director ever. Well, he's my favourite at least. Go look him up... ). The scarf and the beanie are keeping Polly warm, and the little collection of badges and brooches liven up the plain black tunic. Oh, and of course, Polly is listening to my two favourite post punk/rock bands on her Ipod....


  1. Looooove the stripey tights. A great set!

  2. Fab outfit, I love the rock chic :)
    I would totally wear those tights, haha. I have a pair of red and black stripey ones, so may have to dust them off again.

    Also my fave is the Corpse Bride

  3. Those stripey tights rock!!!!