Monday, July 25, 2011

Its Only One - Right?!?

I'm a little alarmed - do you know what happened? Do you want to know what i found this morning? What i saw, while i stood in my underwear in front of the bathroom mirror and brushed my hair? Do you know what was gleaming out at me from amid my luscious chocolate brown?

A grey hair.

One grey hair - next stop? Full Arctic Fox!

I'm only 27 - you dont get grey hair when your 27! But no, here it was, a shiny silver strand sticking out like a sore thumb. I was going to try and pass it off as blonde but no, there's no lying about it... it was grey. And, just like a mice, we know where there is one, there are at least half a dozen. ( none of which i could see on closer inspection.) I had half a mind to put in a plastic sandwich bag and bring it to work to show my workmates - " See what the stress is doing to me!?! ". But then i realised not only would i have grey hair, but i'd also be accused of being completely mental. ( Which may or may not be true, we dont need to discuss that right now ).

But in all seriousness - a grey hair? Am i going prematurely silver? Or is it just a physical manifestation of all the stress and worry that caused last weeks super-meltdown?

I'm going to blame the months of concealed emotions - apparently not only do they eventually cause a tear-streaked, snotty meltdown, they also come sprouting out the top of your head....


  1. Its only one, there were no more - looks like you are safe for now!

  2. You'll be fine my lovely. It takes a while to get over the shock but you'll be fine ;-) I found my first grey hair at 18 and now, at the ripe old age of 31, I'm about 35% grey. Thank god for hair dye is all I can say!

  3. My sister in law has been grey since 18. She dyes her hair every 3 weeks to stop it showing. So don't feel like you are too young for grey hair it can happen at any age.

  4. I found a couple a couple of weeks ago- none since, thankfully! I got a shock though- I swear it is motherhood doing it to me.

    I am lucky to have gotten this far though- I am also 27- but my mum started going grey at 17 and was completely grey by 25.

  5. I've got a few, and because they are really short, that makes them more obvious. But I've been quite lucky in that I only really have started to get them in the past year and premature greying seems to be genetic in my family. My mum and dad both started to go grey in their teens and my little brother and sister have far more than I do. So I'm TRYIMG to count my blessings that it's only started now!