Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And Now For Something Different

After all the doom and gloom and woe is me that i've been posting about the last week or two, i thought i needed a change. What i needed was something funny. Hilarious even. And here it is! Please enjoy the following video of beloved " Playschool " presenter Noni Halezhurst reading " Go The Fuck To Sleep " By Adam Mansbach. Hil-hairy-arse!

*Disclaimer * - yes, for anyone too precious ... there is swearing in this video. No, its not actually a childrens story. And no, it was not shown on Playschool. Please do not bombard me with comments about how its not funny to swear at chidlren/around children/about children. Its a tongue-in-cheek story about how frustrating it is to put your kids to bed. 99% of us parents have been there. If you have, you'll understand. If you havent - well your f**king lucky so just stop your whinging, ok?


  1. hehe love it! I don't know why so many people complained, your right it is just tongue in cheek :)

    Talitha xx

  2. did people really complain? wow, where's all the fun in life gone? I think this book was a genius idea - love it to bits!