Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rah - Here Comes Bridezilla!

Watching other people get married - whether they were people i knew or just various reality tv brides - i never really understood how a woman could turn from a normal, sweet girl into a " Bridezilla ". I couldnt wrap my head around what could possibly be important enough to bring out that inner monster, and make women turn so visciously against their loved ones, who seemed most frequently to be:
a) their hapless fiance
b) their meddling mother or
c) one of their bumbling bridesmaids.

I was adamant i wasnt going to be that woman, the one who went from blushing bride-to-be to Superbitch Bridezilla.... and thankfully, so far, i havent been. I've been stressed about finding the perfect jewellery ( which i ended up getting at Macys online.. thankgod for international shipping! ), the perfect shoes ( which i'm hoping to get in when i'm in Sydney in two weeks time ) and the perfect flowers ( which are now coming from Artificial Wedding Bouquets ) but i havent cracked it with anyone yet. Except a few days ago when i kind of cracked it at my Mum for calling me at 8:30am on a workday. And i would have cracked it at her for that even if i wasnt getting married...

So back to the Bridezillas - its only 3 and half months til my wedding, but i am crossing my fingers that i dont cross over into " Bridezilla " territory before then. I can pretty much guarantee that i'll have at least one big, emotional meltdown before then ( probably over some tiny little detail which will seem insignificant by my first wedding anniversary ) but i am going on record as saying " I will NOT become a Bridezilla! ". Even if something goes wrong with my dress/flowers/shoes/cake/reception.. i will find away around it without turning all crazy deranged dragon lady.

I will NOT become a Bridezilla, i will NOT become a Bridezilla, i will NOT become a Bridezilla...


  1. Good luck with that...!!

    I think there is so much emotionally invested in your wedding that it is hard to not have a bridezilla moment here or there, and you know so long as you can laugh at yourself its not such a bad thing.

  2. One of my friends called me a bridezilla, but really, I wasn't at all. For throwing my entire wedding together in a month, I was actually really, really calm. Surprisingly calm. I had a tiny panic attack on my wedding day when my dad misplaced the flowers for the guys jackets, but that's it. We just used cut roses and pins from my grandma's sewing machine to fix it. Turns out though, the flowers were in the fridge where he put them the whole time, and I found them after the wedding when I went to get the top of the cake. Way to go dad.

  3. I'm sure you won't be .. such an exciting time - enjoy it! x
    ps. hope you don't mind a new follower!

  4. great post. best of luck with your upcoming wedding! you're allowed at least one meltdown (it's in the rule book)!

  5. I think the only time I was a bit of crazy bride was when my cousin lied about why she wasn't coming to my hens...but I thought that a fairly good reason to have the shits. If she had just told me the truth I wouldn't have minded in the slightest.

    Good luck with it all, best advice my mother gave me, when things were starting to feel stressful, was to just stop, take a breath, count to 10 and start again. It may be one of the hugest days of your life but in the end it is only one day and no matter what happens, as long as you make it down that aisle and say "I Do" nothing else matters.

  6. I had a minor meltdown the night before the wedding when we discovered that our wedding night accommodation had been stuffed up, but I think that was justifiable! I was prepared for something to go wrong on the actual day, but it didn't. I think if it had, it wouldn't have mattered by then anyway.