Sunday, July 3, 2011

Seriously - Let Me Welcome You To Reality

I'm going to apologise ahead of time - this one is a rant post. I dont rant too much around here, and though this actually needs to be said to a few people in my real life, i have promised another person IRL that i'll keep my lip zipped ( for now )... thus, i have to get this out here. See - i've had about enough of some pretentious arseholes in my social circle and i think they need to get some perspective.
Consider this my ranty face! ( from here )
There is one person who claims he has " no " money - yet he runs his own business and lives in a 5 bedroom house in a nice area of town. I dont know how he runs his business, or if it is doing well ( and, quite frankly, its none of my business ) but i'm a bit tired of claiming he's near broke and then having other people worse off then him cover costs for things that should be shared burdens. Here's the tip - if your as bad off as you say your are sell your big fancy house, buy something more modest, and pump the profit back into your business or use it to live off for a while. If you cant even contemplate doing that, well, you aren't as short of cash as you think you are...

Then there is the person who, because of ill advised and/or stupid investment choices years ago, is a bit hard up at the moment. This happens to lots of people, so i'm not judging him for the loss of investment monies. He and his family can't afford the rent in the Sydney market anymore so have moved in with his MIL to save some money. However - in the last 6 months he has taken his family on two overseas trips, goes on weekends away once a month, and has bought one new car only to find out a few weeks later that his wife is pregnant, so they bought another brand new car. I cant stand people who claim " poor " status and then continue to spend up big on luxuries. Be realistic and get your priorities straight - and if holidays and $40 000 cars ARE you priorities, dont expect any sympathy from me when your debts catch up with you.

And lastly, the one who is relatively financial stable but is obsessed with things to the point of ignoring people: dont invite me and my child and my family places and then spend 95% of the time texting on your IPhone and even looking at me. Its rude, and its annoying. It makes me want to punch you in the nose.

So there you go - that stuff gives me the shits. Mick and I are not well off, but neither are we flat broke. We get by most weeks, getting the mortgage paid and groceries bought and the other little bills out of the way and ending up with $20 or $30 left in the bank. The few times a year the rates/electricity/rego and car insurance come due we struggle... yet we complain far less than all 3 of the people mentioned above. I'm not looking for someone to say " Oh poor you ", i'm just trying to explain how living within your means is how you live with a little breathing space. If you cant afford the repayments on your 5 bedroom house, downsize; if your so broke you cant afford rent, dont buy brand new and expensive cars; and dont become so consumed by money and things that you lose touch with people ( and thus the human contact you claim to crave ).And, most importantly,dont cry poor to me when you know for a fact that i have much less than you - it reeks of pretention and, quite frankly, disrespect


  1. I am so with you. It shits me too!

    I love your rants

  2. I too love your rants!! I usually read them nodding along as I feel exactly the same way!!

  3. Crikey, sounds like your friends are in lala land. I don't think they'd enjoy my company v much! We buy lots from good op shops, label recycling stores (my favourite - better clothes for less money!), no new cars. The best advice I ever read on this subject was Paul Clitheroe, Oz's msot well known financial advisor. He has rich clients and not-so-rich, but says the ones who are happiest are simply living within their means, whatever those means allow. That's us. Give those friends the flick for a while!