Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss Goody-Two-Shoes

I have a question - why is that when a young woman chooses not to do certain things, when she doesnt disgrace herself socially, and has a little class.... why does she get called a Goody-Two-Shoes?

First of all - where the hell did that turn of phrase even come from ( whats "two shoes " got do with anything? ). But secondly - why does a young girl/woman who lives a clean life get lumped with such a stupid and childish insult? And thirdly, now that i think about it, why is being a " good girl " such a bad thing?

Classy - very classy (image from here)
I just dont get it. I'm only 27 yrs old but maybe i'm turning into an old biddy before my time. I had my fun in my late teens and early 20's - the late nights, dodgy Sunday morning hangovers, the short(er) skirts that tempted inppropriate boys - but i was never like some of the girls i see going around now. Too many of them sadly. The dressing like a street corner hooker is bad enough, but what i really dont understand is the attitude toward alcohol for so many young women. I see Facebook statuses of friends, or friends of friends, spouting things like " TFIF! Time to get pissed! " or " Cant wait to get wasted! ".... why?Whats so good about it? Whats so awesome about drinking to the point where you pass out and cant remember a damn thing the next day?

I'll let you in on a secret - i dont smoke ( i've never even had so much as a drag on a cigarette ), i've never done any kind of illegal drug ( unless you count being able to smell pot being smoked in the beer garden at the pub ) and i dont drink. I'm not a hard line tee-totaller ( again with the phrases that dont mean anything... ) but when i say i dont drink i mean i'll have one or two cocktails 3 or 4 times a year. For example: so far this year i've had one drink when we went out for dinner at the end of April, one drink with a nice dinner i made for Mick and i and i intend on having some champa's at my wedding in November. Possibly a drink or two at my hens party and one on my sisters 21st in October.... thats it. And when i say " a drink or two " thats what i mean - one, maybe two if i'm in the mood. And when i mention the fact that i dont really drink i almost always get a sideways glance with this " Why not, you weirdo ? " look. Why is so strange that someone my age actively chooses to NOT drink/do drugs/smoke? Why is abstaining from substances that really dont benefit my body so odd?

Oh yea, because thats hell sexy ( image from here )
And just for the record, i dont think drinking is "wrong " ( smoking is on my list of " Stupid ", but drugs are definately wrong ) - its just that after those first few years of adulthood i've decided i really dont need alcohol. My body feels better without it, and a drink or two on the odd occasion is enough to " happy " me up.... i dont need to black out and spew every weekend to have fun. Nor do i drink a glass of red every night to "unwind " ( although, with a bisterous 18 mth old keeping me on my toes, i can understand how some of you do! ).

I apologise if this rant post is a bit preachy-preachy.... i just needed to vent my frusturation at the way womenhood seems to be headed. Which is down the toilet with last nights Vodka Cruisers and pizza spew...


  1. Its not a bad thing Amy. Good for you for not bowing to peer pressure and living in the way that suits you. I as you know via my blog have been out quite alot lately and the things that some of the girls wear these days make me blush. Um hello its Winter, no need for the boozies to be out.

  2. If it's any consolation, I get judged because I do drink so much. Okay, i occasionally go out and get so drunk that I can't quite remember what happened the night before (and that's not always a good thing), and I would kind of like to be a person who can have one or two glasses of wine and leave it at that, but i seem to be an all or nothing gal. But the guys on my team at work are so judgemental. What they don't get is that they all HAD their wild phases back at uni etc. I barely drank or went out when i was younger and i guess I'm making up for it now while i still can.

    I suppose what I'm saying is I totally get your point of view and i don't think there's anything wrong with you choosing to live your life that way - if anything, I admire it and wish I could be more that way. But you do get the judginess on the other side too.

    (And please don't think I'm implying that I think you're judging me because I genuinely don't. I think you've put forward a well balanced post here!)

  3. Personally, I see nothing wrong with someone who doesn't want to drink. David is a nondrinker. For the almost 10 years we've been together, I can count on one hand the number of time he's had a drink. That would be 3. I, myself, enjoy a couple of beer every now and then, but I am not a big drinker anymore. My 24th birthday cleared that up for me. My SIL took me out to the bar, I had one too many, and my face got in a fight with the sidewalk. The sidewalk won, and my brain was all, "Hey, dumbass, maybe it's time to cool it." That was the end of getting hammered. I don't see any problem with someone not wanting to go out and get sloshed. Sometimes it could be fun to go out have some drinks and be silly with friends, but you should know your limit. It's not cute to get smashed and be an idiot.