Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm So Excited....!

One more sleep, one more sleep....!

Ok, I'm a little bit excited - because tomorrow i get to go for my 18-20week morphology scan. The fact that i get to see Little Jelly wiggling, and kicking and possibly sucking their thumb or waving is exciting enough, but the possibility of finding out the gender is really whats got me impatient.

God help me if i have one like Bart....

With Flynn, Mick was pretty adamant that he wanted to find out the sex but i was a bit iffy - maybe i wanted a suprise? Maybe knowing would make things easier? But a suprise would be fun, right? You know that back-and-forth kind of agonising that you get with big decisions. Even waiting at the radiologists, bladder completely full and trying desperately not to pee, i still hadnt made up my mind. But, as soon as we were in with the sonographer and she asked " Would you like to know the sex? " i was the first one to blurt out " Yes! ". It kind of suprised me how easy the " yes " slipped out, and i know it suprised Mick.

This time around though we are both definately on the same page - we're busting to find out! I'm hoping bubby wont be too shy and will happily flash its bits to all and sundry at the ultrasound tomorrow. At the 12 week scan Little Jelly kept his/her legs crossed tightly enough that the sonographer couldnt get a good pic of the leg bones, so i'm hoping his/her inhibitions have disappeared since then! I'll be honest and say that my gut feeling, definately for the last few weeks anyway, is that its a girl but i'll be a happy mama no matter what we get.

What about you other ladies? Of those who already have kids, did you find out the gender ahead of time? And those yet to have bubbas, which side of the fence do you think you'd be on - find out or not?


  1. We found out gender before birth with all three pregnancies. I hare waiting, besides I needed all the time I could get to choose names. :)

  2. Oh so exciting!!!
    We found out both times. We're both so impatient and loved bonding with the babies by their names. It was like we knew them so well before they were born :)

  3. We're going to find out this time around - the first time was a surprise, but this time I want to know if I can recycle some of the CUTEST outfits from Miss 3 or if I have to go out and try to find something for a boy! lol

  4. Very exciting for you! I haven't had kids, and not sure if I would find out the sex.

    I would like it a surprise, but will have to wait till next year to find out haha.

    Talitha xx

  5. Can't wait for you to post the news! The gender ultrasound was always my favorite. Although, I didn't get to see the gender with Grayson because we waited until birth, which is SO HARD!!!