Thursday, March 15, 2012

In The Loop

One of my favourite things about social media is the sense of community that is created between people who, without the aid of the internet, would never have met. It allows you to connect with people you would never have otherwise run into, to create, to laugh and cry, to generally share with them in a way that creates a sense of belonging. That always seemed to be what i was missing when i suffering from depression - a feeling of belonging, to "fitting in " anywhere, and a morbid fear that i never would. And then i discovered the internet and found that there were lots of people who shared the same ideas as me, who liked the same things, and had the same passion for discussing/debating them as i did - they just, somewhat, unfortunately didnt live anywhere near me.

Just one of the group....

I thinks thats what i was hoping for so badly from my mothers group - to have a group of people who were tangibly " there ", women i could actually hang out with and feel like a part of. Sadly, as i have previously mentioned, it didnt exactly happen that way. ( Happily though i have made what i would consider one good friend ). Thats why i've been so happy to be able to join a group of women on Facebook and feel this great kinship with them with this pregnancy. Its a " secret " group - that is you cant see it listed on each individuals homepage, to protect the privacy of those who havent revealed their pregnancies yet - that was started via the Babycentre website. Basically its a group of ladies who are all due to have babies in August of this year ( or late July, for a few who's dates have changed ) - first timers, women who've been TTC for years, a few having twins and even one mum up to her 7th bubba! And the sense of camaraderie amongst us makes me happy, for lack of a better word. The atmosphere is comfortable enough to ask pretty much anything, from the TMI topics such as constipation or nipple discharge right down to mundane stuff like " Whats on everyone's menu for lunch ? ".

The only downside is ( as per bloody usual! ) none of the other lovely ladies live anywhere near me. So, like all the awesome blog conferences or Hello Blogger meet ups i've missed out on, i'm now missing out on cool lunches or pamper sessions with some hot mamas-to-be! But thats ok, because for now i've got a place to hang out, chit-chat about " The Biggest Loser " and post baby bump pictures, where i feel like i belong...


  1. It's always nice to have somewhere you feel you belong. I'm happy for you. :-)

  2. It sounds awesome Amy. Im glad you are enjoying the group.