Tuesday, February 12, 2013

6/52 - Lessons

Flynn - getting his swim on

Tully - just a little bit sad

Flynn has been taking swimming lessons the last few weeks. We haven't been able to afford proper lessons til now, and as we don't have a backyard pool our beautiful 3 yr old has ended up a little nervous around water ( unless its coming out of a sprinkler. He's a pro at running through sprinklers!) Even so, he's trying his hardest at his lessons, even when he's feeling anxious, and he's making this Mama so proud. I swear the first time he kicked his way to his teacher under the water I did a little happy dance on the sidelines! 
As for Miss Tully, she's been coming to the swimming lessons as a spectator, sitting up in her pram in her sun hat, just watching the world go by. Poor little thing has also been teething for a while, but this past week has been hard on her. Less smiles, more brooding, and whimpering in her sleep. We hope toothy leg #1 comes through soon so we can have our little sunshine back!

Linking up again with the '52 Project ' over at CheAndFidel - a portrait of your kids once a week, for 52 weeks...


  1. Come on toothy come out! I bought Miss A an amber necklace, I'm hoping for big things!

  2. That is a gorgeous picture of little Tully.

    Our boy is also a little nervous around water...but I was amazed at how much his first lessons helped. Hopefully Flynn will be swimming like a fish in no time!