Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not Tolerated !?!

I was doing my usual blog/news round up over breakfast this morning when I can across a little article about Dee Why Grand shopping centre and their ridiculous new 'policy '. Basically, centre management had had enough of people complaining about noisy children and have now decided to ask parents with screaming children to leave the centre. Because, you know, screaming just wont be tolerated:

Yea. This.

Apparently, screaming children offended enough people that they think its OK to boot them, and their parents, out. First of all - who are these people, the ones complaining? Yes children who are excessively noisy are annoying but you have to be a pretty sad, pathetic, petty little person to complain to centre management about it. And if centre management is that concerned about how offended these people are, what will they decided is intolerable next?

People who wear their jeans so low or so tight that their arse crack is hanging out offend me - can you boot them? Girls who wear tights that AREN'T PANTS so I get a very definitive view of their camel toe make me nauseas - can you get rid of them too? I'm also offended by single men who leer at passing women, people who go into the supermarket without shoes on, old women with overpowering lavender perfume that makes me want to vomit and groups of teenagers who are talking about how wasted they were the weekend before. Are all those people going to be warned about their intolerable behaviour too? Nope. Because that would be ridiculous.

As is the 'screaming child policy '. Kids will be kids - no matter how well they are raised, no matter how many manners they've been taught, sometimes kids just have a 'moment'. Yes, there are those parents who take their kids to food courts or cafes or pub bistros and let their kids run riot while they nosh, and they shit me too - but I'd like to think they are in the minority. And I'd say so are the people who are sad enough to complain about this sort of thing.

Oh - and just a tip to Dee Why Grand : if you want a nice, tranquil food court, don't put it next to the bloody children's playground!


  1. Oh it's so ridiculous isn't it.

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    1. PS You won my giveaway! The straws totally are yours! I am going to send it all your way. I am serious. Send me your address x

  3. Totally with ya Amy, it's ridiculous!