Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10/52 - Eyes Wide Open

Flynn - my morning time helper

Tully - getting fluffy

I can't believe I managed to take two photos of my children this week where they are BOTH looking at a the camera and BOTH have their eyes open! Admittedly Flynn was busy - both eating his toast and helping me make Daddy's morning cup of coffee ( if you look closely you can see the coffee dripping into Daddy's favourite mug ) - yet he still managed to spare five seconds to look up and grin.
And Tully? Well she is starting to pay more attention now when you call her name so we had fun taking some bath time photos. And what happens at the end of bath time? She gets all wrapped up in her towel, gets dried and gets her hair made fluffy!

Linking up once more this week with the 52 Project over at CheAndFidel


  1. That grin from Flynn is oh so cute! Gorgeous kids, as usual!

  2. She sure is - definitely starting to look more like a toddler now than a baby!