Monday, March 25, 2013

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

I missed my usual Monday post yesterday because I was far too busy on the weekend to schedule one....and had my painters hat on yesterday, trying to beautify my house.

Being up a ladder is not that much fun! ( image )

I spent a good 5 hrs up a ladder ( or, alternately, squatting on the pavers ) painting our front verandah area. I must have looked gorgeous, perched precariously up a ladder, wearing on of my husband's old work singlets and a pair of yoga tights! And I do mean 'perched precariously ' - the rungs on the ladder were pretty narrow so the only way I could feel balanced was to have one foot either side of the top..... Which meant I had to squat down and reach for my pot of paint every time I needed more paint on my brush. On the upside, I probably did like a bazillion squats and had to engage my thigh and abdominal muscles to keep steady, so I'm going to have buns and abs of steel by the time I'm done!

With my sister volunteering to watch Tully tomorrow, I should be able to get my painting finished. And then I can start tidying up inside ( again.... ), the deep cleaning, and get busy 'dressing ' the rooms in preparation for having the duplex valued and, ultimately, sold!

So - are you hands on? Are you willing to risk life and limb up a dodgy ladder in order to get your house ready for sale? Or am I the only mad one around here?

Tuesday again - find this post at EssentiallyJess for IBOT !


  1. I went crazy making our house pretty. It makes a HUGE difference. Scented candles in the bathroom, baby!

  2. Absolutely yes, we spent hours getting our house ready to go, washing walls, touch up painting, new blinds etc etc etc.

  3. I like painting. Not so crazy on wash up though. It'd be easier to just be able to throw out the brushes/rollers when you're done ;-)

  4. I would do it. And also because it sounds like a great work out, and I'm kind of geeky like that. :)

  5. I am tight, so always try to do things myself rather than pay someone :) sounds like an excellent workout :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  6. I don't mind doing a bit of painting, I think that comes from my mother who is obsessed with it! I didn't the trim in Mia's room but the main painting my Mum and sisters did for me and I think I will get them to do the same for this next bub's room!

  7. I'm not a lover of painting but I have done it in the past. I'm a big sook and find that my arms get sore with all the brushing and rollering...! May your buns and abs be awesome after your efforts! Kirsty @ My Home Truths